Getting the Word Out

Talk about exciting! 

Last night, my wife and I received a surprise visit from a dear old friend. After the pleasantries were shared, he immediately explained to us the purpose of his visit. Handing out what looked to us like a wedding invitation, he excitedly conveyed the good news that another friend of ours was getting married this week, and that my wife and I were both invited to attend the big event. According to him, the groom was insistent no, adamant, that we should get the invitation at all cost.  

Looking at the tired and haggard look of our messenger, I knew for a fact that he really went out of his way to bring this invitation to us. Apparently, our willing and zealous messenger braved the rains as well as the heavy Manila traffic last night just to get word out to us that our friend was finally making public his great love for his bride.

The purpose of this blog is no different from the purpose of our zealous messenger — to get the Word out about God’s great love for you and me.

Just like my friend-groom, Jesus is making a public declaration of His great love for his bride — all of us who comprise His Church.  And He is insistent no, adamant, that you should hear this Truth at all cost.

And the messenger? Well, I come to you with nothing much but my zeal, hoping that you will catch this same excitement about God’s great love for you. And I hope to come to you in the midst of the rains and the storms, and the heaviest traffics of your life. With every daily message in this blog, may the Word of God pierce through your darkest clouds and your greatest pains. I aim to bring hope to the cancer patient. Comfort to the broken hearted. Strength to the recently retrenched employee. Love to the lonely widow. And I won’t do it with my power, but with God’s. He alone can make barren deserts green, and cold nights warm.

I invite you, dear friend, to visit my blog each day. Because even if the world remains deaf to His voice, I will never restrain my lips from getting His Word out, one posting at a time.

 I remain, your friend,

Bobby Q.


One thought on “Getting the Word Out

  1. hi bro bobby,
    greetings of love, joy and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ.
    many thanks for the invitation to your blog.
    i find it very refreshing and am glad that you have been inspired by the Holy Spirit to do this.
    Truly, you are a man of God.
    We will pray to the Lord that He may always give you the grace to fulfill His evangelistic plans for you, to be one of His channels of His love and compassion.
    in Christ’s love,

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