Computers for Typewriters

“…no one puts new wine into old wineskins, for the wine would burst the skins and then both wine and the skins would be lost. But new wine, new wineskins!…” (Mark2:22) 

Today begins a new era in our organization, a milestone, an unprecedented event, perhaps one likened to the time when the dinosaurs became extinct! (Can’t you tell that exaggerations are my forte?)

This day, my friend, marks the first day of our basic computer training for the computer-challenged employees of our agency. The goal is that after five training days, these highly competent and intelligent yet technology-struggling individuals would finally make that choice to embrace the promise of the technological age, and barter their precious ancient typewriters in exchange for the efficiency of the modern-day computer.

But just like any change, we know that it will not be as easy as it sounds.

Some will try to hold on to the familiar. To the comfortable. To what they are accustomed to. Yes, some will attempt to adapt. At least for awhile. Until one accidentally hits the delete button and the entire screen goes blank. Or the caps lock button causing the letters to look, well, capitalized. Or the insert button causing the deletion of entire paragraphs. And when practicality meets frustration, some will naturally revert to that which they pledged to let go off.

The same thing when it comes to the Christian life.

Change isn’t always welcomed. It is resisted, denied and even loathed by some. But that is the story of the serious Christian. A person who has made a decision to take God seriously in his life must be ready for a lifetime of change. Because day in and day out, God will find ways to change, transform and perfect you into the kind of person that He wants you to be. And He will use anything to accomplish His goal of making you more and more like Jesus. And His most favorite tools are the “challenges” of life. Not because He is a sadistic God who takes delight in the misery of His children, but simply because “challenges” are the most effective tools for real and genuine change.

A new demanding job…to challenge you to maximize your potential.

A recently assigned unfamiliar service… to make you more dependent on Him.

An obnoxious freshly hired co-employee …to teach you patience.

A newly-discovered cancerous tumor in your brain even after months of chemotherapy…to give you the opportunity to witness with joy in the midst of pain.

Friend, what challenges are you faced with today? Before you complain or worry or even despair, pause to ask yourself the question: What is God trying to accomplish in my life through this situation?

Jesus himself knew the importance of welcoming change when he said:

“…no one puts new wine into old wineskins, for the wine would burst the skins and then both wine and the skins would be lost. But new wine, new wineskins!…” (Mark2:22)

Dear friend, when God works in your life, you must be willing and ready to change. Do not resist it. Do not insist on keeping your old wineskins. Rather, use every fresh outpouring of new wine — the many opportunities God provides you — for you to become holier, kinder, more patient, more loving and more like Jesus.

No one is spared from the challenges of life. But what separates a Christian from most people is the response. When faced with a challenge, most would sulk, whine and surrender. A Christian, on the other hand, uses the very challenge to his advantage by becoming a better person for the glory of his God.

Thus, when practicality meets frustration, and they most likely will, relentlessly resist the temptation to barter your highly efficient computer with the ancient typewriter. Because for those who remain open to change, the challenges are surely short-lived, and the possibilities quite exciting.

Have a blessed day!

I remain, in Christ,

Bobby Q.



4 thoughts on “Computers for Typewriters

  1. Good to have you blogging Bobby. If I can be of help, I am just a text or email away… And good to know you are using wordpress rather than blogspot =)

    I will spread the word as you spread The Word!

  2. Hello bro,

    Thanks for sending me your link. Now, I can read your inspirational talks every now and then.

    I would just like to tell you that God is working powerfully to me and Shella.

    We will keep in touch. Regards to Jeng


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