January 30, 2008

“…Whoever has ears ought to know…” (Mark 4:9)

An American friend once shared with me a true story…

He was in grocery shop in the U.S.A when he noticed an asian looking woman-shopper. Looking closely at her, he was almost sure that she was a Filipina. Being a regular visitor of the Philippines and having a lot of Filipino friends, he was tempted to strike a conversation with her. However, he first wanted to be sure. So guess what he did.

My American friend said, “Pssst!”. The only person who whirled around to see where the sound came from was…you guessed it: the Asian-looking shopper. Only then did my American friend approach her. And true enough, she was Filipina!

The Filipina was receptive to the sound made by my American friend because it was something she was familiar with. It was programmed in her subconscious, but more importantly, imbedded in her Filipino heart.

In the same way, the voice of God is programmed in our subconscious and imbedded in our hearts. In fact, I believe that from the moment of our conception, the very first voice we heard was the voice of our Creator.

But somewhere along the way, we became deaf to His voice, and insensitive to His promptings. The noisy world in which we were born has a way of preventing us from hearing the inherent call of our lives: to be with Him and to live for Him.

That is the reason why I am a preacher and a writer. Just like the sower in today’s Gospel, my desire is to be the megaphone of God hoping to awaken our senses to the loving inner voice of our Maker and so that “…(W)hoever has ears ought to know…” (Mark 4:9)  the unconditional and personal love of God for all of us.

I firmly believe in the following:

1. Preaching before a crowd…somebody out there will hear and give his life to God.

2. Through my books…somebody out there will read a sentence and be changed forever because of it.

3. Through my videos…somebody out there will know of God’s love and decide to serve Him for the rest of his life.

4. Through this blog site…somebody like you can hear the soft whisper of our loving God, and pass on the Word to others.

That is my prayer. That is my hope.

That through this blog, God’s voice may cut through the noises of your world (e.g. workload, bills, deadlines, tuition fees, heart aches, disappointments, worries etc.).

That through this blog, God’s face may shine through your darknesses.

That through this blog, God’s love may enter your world and perhaps, change your life forever.

Say this prayer with me today:

Dear Lord, I pray to hear your voice in the midst of this busy day. Let me be sensitive to your presence, and be receptive to your love. Change me. Love me. Comfort me. I want to know you more today. Amen.

And just like in the grocery shop, you might just hear a “Pssst!”. Turn around.

Your loving God is calling you.

I remain, your friend in Christ,

Bobby Q.

P.S. If you want to partner with me in sowing seeds of God’s love to your friends, you can do the following:

1. Get your friends to visit this site daily.

2. Buy my books and give them as gifts to your friends. (Check out the “Media” Section of this blog. Email me if you want to order and I will let you know where you can buy them.)

3. Buy my VCDs and DVDs (Check out the “Media” Section of this blog. Email me if you want to order and I will let you know where you can buy them.)

4. Tag along a friend to any of my preaching engagements. (Check out the “Preaching At” section of this blog for my speaking engagement schedules.)

Who knows? Your efforts might just fall on “rich soil”.


2 thoughts on “Pssst!

    • Hi Bro. Peter,

      It was my great joy to have served you during the convention. I was doubly blessed by the experience. I pray that God will continue to increase the faith in all of you. God is faithful from start to finish. May you remain faithful to Him also.

      Regarding overseas book orders , I already inquired about it with my publisher. My sales agent has yet to respond. It is most likely because work has been on a standstill here in Metro Manila since the recent massive typhoons which hit us (In fact, I am writing this at the height of the second typhoon). I will get back to you asap regarding this matter.

      Stay blessed, my brother! My best regards to all!


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