Mr. Optimistic

February 3, 2008

“…Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God…” (Matthew 5:8)

“Mr. Optimistic”.

That’s how I call my friend and brother from our prayer group.

A man who can seem to always see the good side of things, my friend is a treat to be with. Let me tell you what I mean.

If we see a reckless driver beating the red light. My friend would most likely remark: “I pity him. Must be rushing home to his sick child. Let’s pray for him.”

If a heavy downpour would prevent us from finishing a basketball game. He’d probably conclude: “God must be preventing the possibility of any one of us getting injured.”

If the sound system would conk out just before he gives a talk, in all likelihood he’d say: “Thank you, Lord, for giving me a few more minutes to prepare for this talk…”.

And if he comes down with a fever, he would doubtlessly sigh, “God had to do this just to make me rest. Hmmm. I wonder what’s on NBA TV”.

Do you know anyone like that? You know, somebody who always gives every bad situation the benefit of the doubt. Where every person is presumed to be always in good faith. Where no malice or bad faith is attributed to anything or anyone, most especially God. There is a legal term for this:Presumed Innocent.

The driver, the heavy downpour, the sound system breakdown, the fever: All are presumed innocent.

No wonder he sees God in all things.

His heart is pure. It isn’t cluttered with biases, prejudices and hasty judgments. He considers everyone inherently good, and every situation according to God’s perfect and holy will.

Jesus confirms this in the Gospel today when he preached:

“…Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God…” (Matthew 5:8)

How about the least saintly among us? Are our hearts pure? Or are they overshadowed by our misguided preconceptions and misjudgments of others including God?

Today, I encourage you to work at purifying your heart. So that in every situation that happens to you, whether good or bad, you can manage to smile and move on with peace.

Take it from my friend. We tease him “Mr. Optimistic”. He doesn’t mind.

For as long as he sees his God.

Have a blessed weekend!

 I remain, your friend in Christ,

 Bobby Q.  


2 thoughts on “Mr. Optimistic

  1. i am one of these optimistic ppol existing on EARTH but sometime in my journey I became pessimistic when I heard a Priest saying in his Homily “Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa”.I doubted my Faith to Him. Can I pass the NLE with faith alone? wherein, when I took the NLE,the only weapon I had was FAITH, i didn’t enroll in a review center due to financial constraints and i spent less time reading my books… how can i pass when i didn’t do something about it…tell me please if FAith is enough and of course good deeds…tnx for the “Mr. OPtimistic”..godbless n mor power…

  2. Hi Angelic!

    Thank you for reading my husband’s blog. I asked his permission if I can give you a reply to your comment. You seem to be really anxious about your NLE. No doubt, it is a big deal. I pray that you will not lose your faith due to your fears. It seems you are honest to yourself about your performace in the test, and you are leaving it all up to God for the result (which is hopefully a passing one). Exams are always 50-50, pass or fail. But God never is. He is ALWAYS 100% loving and good and He loves you no matter what. He is good and He can turn your situation, even your present fears, into something good–if you let Him. If you wish to talk to someone, you may text me at 0917-8030328. I’ll say a prayer for you. God bless!

    Jeng Quitain

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