Touching the Heart of God

February 4, 2008

“…’Who has touched my clothes’…” (Mark 5:30)

“Brother Bobby, please pray for a miracle…”.

Her voice trembled as she struggled to hold back her tears. Beside her was her husband likewise teary eyed. This scene took place after a prayer meeting of a parish-based prayer group where I preached last week.

So as not to embarrass them, I will not relate their story here. But the long and short of it is this: they were desperate but they were holding fast to their God.

Their story is unique but their plea isn’t.

Perhaps at some point in your life, you also prayed for a miracle. Maybe because you were also desperate — when you couldn’t hold on to nothng and no one else but God alone. And in those situations, all of us are confronted with a choice: to either pull out because of resentment, or pull through because of our faith. And nothing touches the heart of God more than when we choose to do the latter. Take it from today’s Gospel.

The two main characters other than Jesus had some things similar with the couple who approached me after the prayer meeting last week: desperation and hope.

And the irony of it is this: both of them came from two opposite poles of the social strata of the Jewish society at that time (perhaps just so we realize that desperation recognizes no labels or social status!). One was a respectable synagogue official. And the other was an outcast. But they both came to Jesus that day.

Desperation does that, you know. Where you disregard decorum. Where you risk rejection. Where you put your reputation on the line.

The synagogue official was desperate to save his child’s life.

The woman was desperate to get healed.

Both chose to go to Jesus that day with nothing much but their flagging faith — the kind of faith which touches the heart of God.

No wonder Jesus felt the touch of the woman in the midst of the pressing crowd:

“…’Who has touched my clothes’…” (Mark 5:30)

You see, that’s what happens to God when He comes face to face with resilient faith in the midst of desperate times. His heart melts. His power unleashed. His love dispensed.

I write this post today for the benefit of those I know who are in a somewhat similar situation as the two desperate people in the Gospels today. I know of friends and acquaintances who are in the hospital now struggling for their health, or even fighting for their lives. I know of some who are still grieving the loss of a loved one. I know of others who are simply living empty and meaningless lives for years now.

To those among you reading this post who have reached a dead end or those who are on the brink of hitting one. Those who have all the reasons to rebel against God, and those who think they are justified to quit on Him.

I tell you today: Hold on.

Go to God with the little near-empty faith you may have left. Try to touch Him. Believe me, in the midst of the pressing crowd, you will see Him whirl around, and say “Who touched my clothes?”.

Because resilient hope in the midst of desperate times, dear friend, is the kind of faith that simply touches the heart of God.

Have a blessed day!

I remain, your friend in Christ,

Bobby Q.  

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