Answers at the Wrong Places

February 14, 2008

“…Seek and you will find…” (Matthew 7:7)

One day, as Piolo was walking inside megamall, he bumped into Juday outside the movie theater who seem to be busy (and worried!) looking for something on the floor. “Juday,” Piolo said calling her attention, “what are you looking for?”. Juday replied, “I lost my ring. I am looking for my ring.”

Piolo came closer, “Where did you lose it?”

Without looking up, Juday answered, “Inside the theater…”.

“If you lost it inside, how come you are looking for it outside the moviehouse?”

Juday stared at Piolo with an annoying look, “Common sense. How could I find it inside? It’s so dark in there…”

Searching for answers at the wrong places. That’s what most people do nowadays.

When depressed, some people turn to alcohol to drown their sorrows.

When bored, some go for drugs for a make-believe excitement.

When in pain, some indulge in sex to deaden it.

When rejected, some take refuge in the arms of another person not their spouse.

Why? Because fleeting and temporal relief from reality is an easy way out. In a sense, it’s like the well lit corridor outside a dark theater. It’s a convenient way of looking for answers. But unfortunately, the answers are never there.

Rather, the answer can be found only with God. But finding the answer in God isn’t often a very attractive option for people. Because it will demand much from you. It will require you to confront yourself and acknowledge your sinfulness. It will require you to humble yourself and ask for forgiveness. It will require you to discipline yourself and live a righteous life.

Unlike the easy and instant solution which drugs, alcohol and sex offers, the journey to God is more difficult. But unlike the former, the latter is more lasting. Why? Because it is the perfect answer to the pitfalls of life.

Years ago, I was a sex obsessed and violence indulging individual. I cheated in class and I drowned myself in alcohol. From the outside, people saw a fun and self-confident individual. They didn’t know that it was all for show. Inside, I was empty. Alcohol only gave me a hangover but never fulfillment. Sex only gave me someone to hug for the night, but never companionship for a lifetime.  Violence only gave an outlet for my anger against myself. And cheating? Well, given all my vices as a student, it was my only way to pass.

Anyone like that reading this blog right now? Where there is fun in your life but not joy? Where there seems to be excitement but not fulfillment? Where there seems to be activities but not meaning?

Friend, you are reading this blog right now for a reason. God is telling you now to stop searching for answers at the wrong places. Today, He says, “seek and you will find” (Matthew 7:7). He challenges you to seek Him with all your heart and God assures you that you will find Him. Not in alcohol. Or in barkadas. Or in money. Or in success. Not even in success.

Find your answers in God.

Go to mass. Attend that bible study. Consult a priest or pastor. Confess your sins. It will not be easy. But don’t give up. I assure you that it is the road which leads to your answers. It is the pathway that leads to life. It is the footpath that leads to perfect joy.

So what are you waiting for? Go inside the theater now, and find your ring!

I remain, your friend in Christ,

Bobby Q.


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