You Always Come First

February 18, 2008

“…a good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing…” (Luk 6:38)

I remember those days.

When watching two movies at one time would cost only P10.00 (we called it “double”). Or when domestic arilines still lend you free newspapers on board. Or when the Big Mac was still big. Or an order of “tokwa’t baboy” had more baboy than tokwa. Or when a pack of “Chippy” had more chips than air. Or when Skycable still had “Basketball TV” (now you’re talking!).

Times have changed. Nowadays, sometimes you feel that you no longer get your money’s worth. Perhaps untintentionally, but in an effort to stay afloat and to keep the costs down, companies somehow shortchange their customers.

Good thing God hasn’t changed.

In this time and age when people are more careful where to invest their hard-earned money to maximize returns, nothing still beats investing on God.

You see God has a policy that companies should learn: You always come first.

We always come first in the mind of God. Each morning, He busies Himself thinking of ways to bless you. No, he isn’t like some business owners who are constantly on the look-out to get one over their customers. Rather, God is so concerned about making sure that His children are cared for and that He is not outdone in generosity.

That is why you never lose with God. Your investments on Him yield for you substantially more than what you invested. The little you give returns to you a hundredfold, “…a good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing…” (Luk 6:38)

Take my case for instance.

Whenever I look at my wife and my two daughters today, I couldn’t help but thank God for giving me more than what I deserve.

For the forgiveness and the new life in 1992.

For making me part of a very life-giving prayer group/community.

For giving me such loving parents and supportive family. 

For providing for all my needs when I started serving Him since 1992.

For allowing me to become a lawyer.

For leading me to work under exceptionally great bosses in the government.

For my wonderful family.

Today, as I step into a new phase in my life as a full time Catholic lay preacher and evangelist, fear grips my heart. But I am at peace.

Because I see God’s track record in my life and I know I made the right choice. In all my sixteen years of obeying the Lord, I never got the shorter end of the deal. God always made sure that I get more than what I give, pressed down, shaken and overflowing.

Today, ask the question: How much are you investing on God?

How much do you give in prayer? In service? In speaking about Him to others? In reaching out to the poor? In living a righteous life? In making radical decisions for Him?

Friend, I suggest you invest your whole life on God by surrendering every aspect of it to Him.

Take it from me. You, see in all my years of investing in Him, God in His goodness, never allowed me to lose.

He won’t allow you too, either.

I remain, your friend in Christ,

Bobby Q.


3 thoughts on “You Always Come First

  1. Dear Kuya Bobby,
    You are truly inspiring. Though I might have comment just now, I have been reading a lot of your entries. You are truly a blessing and a living proof that God is wonderful. I remain anonymous. 🙂 God bless you!:)

  2. Sir:

    A friend referred to me this site, and indeed, your messages are truly inspiring.

    But I would just like to comment on this sentence –
    “No, he isn’t a business owner who is constantly on the look-out to get one over his customers.”
    I am sure this generalization was not noticed as it is unfair to some honest businesspersons.

    Have a good day po and God bless you.

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