Mr. Incredible and Superman

February 22, 2008

“…You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God…” (Matthew 16:16)

To the people closest me, I am known more not for what I do, but for what I can’t.

For instance, they know that I find it difficult to get my things in order. My office desk would be a good indicator. If an automobile is lost beneath my files, you won’t find it. In fact, they often refer to my document management style as a “piling system”.

They also know that I am clumsy. Seldom do I accomplish a menial task without hurting myself or hurting another. In the seminary before, I have been “honored” when they used the term “Bobby Move” to refer to instances when a person would slip or break some glassware. (Check out that term in Webster’s Dictionary. It may have gotten there by this time.)

 And I quickly lose things. Sometime ago, I even lost my car in the Megamall parking area bldg A. After an hour of searching, I realized that I left it in parking area bldg B.

This was perhaps the reason why God gave me Jeng for a wife. Ever since we got married, catastrophic episodes in my life have gradually lessened.

Jeng takes care of my files. She kept a compilation of my talks. She packs my bags whenever I go on trips to make sure I don’t forget anything. She keeps breakable things out of my way. Really. She was given to me to save me from a somewhat messed-up (literally, I suppose!) life.

The story of humanity isn’t much different.

Since after the fall of man, humanity always found itself in a mess. Since then, we often find ourselves in trouble.

We may not have a disorderly desk, but we have disordered priorities.

We may not break glassware, but we have broken relationships.

We may not have lost a car in Megamall, but some of us have lost meaning and purpose in life.

And everyday, we seem to always find ourselves in need of a rescuer. From our sins. From our weaknesses. From our challenges in life.

In the animated movie “The Incredibles”, lead superhero “Mr. Incredible” said in an interview, “I feel like the maid. Everytime I get things cleaned up, the world always finds itself in a mess.”

In the same way, that’s why Jesus had to come. That’s why Jesus comes to us everyday. To save us from our miserable existence. To clean up our mess. To put our life in order. To rescue us from every entanglement we find ourselves in. No wonder they call Him “messiah” (savior).

In the movie “Superman Returns”, there was a scene there when Superman hovered above Metropolis with Lois Lane. He told her, “You say that the world doesn’t need a savior. But everyday I hear them cry for one.”

In the same way, that’s what we do with God. We rely on power, wealth, technology, our skills and even our influence in telling God that we don’t need Him. But when all these fail us, who do we run  to? God. He alone is reliable. He alone is faithful. He alone will always come through.

I write this today likewise burdened with the many challenges of life. I have bills to pay. A family to feed. Worries to resist. Dreams to fulfill. A future to secure. But in the midst of all these, I always look up in prayer as I say what Peter said to Jesus:

“…You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God…” (Matthew 16:16)

How about you, dear friend? What challenges are you confronted now? What mess do you find yourself in? What weaknesses do you struggle with everyday? What worries confound you? What threats confront you?

In moments like this, who do you ask to save you? Power? Wealth? Influence?

Or do you turn to Him who was sent specifically for that purpose?

I, on my part, have learned my lesson long ago. In the same way that my wife was sent to me to rescue me in some way from my weaknesses, I know that Jesus also came to rescue us from ours.

The real Superman isn’t a man with a red cape and blue tights. The real Mr. Incredible isn’t a muscle-bound dashing debonair. Rather, he is a bloodied man with arms outstretched on a cross. And He is the glorious man arising from an empty tomb. Humanity’s savior is Jesus. Your messiah is God Himself.

Today, I challenge you to look up. Not to some superhero hovering above us. But to the cross. And hear the words that the man on the cross whispers to your ear:

“Child, be at peace. I came to save.”

A blessed day to you!

In remain, your friend in Christ,

Bobby Q.


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