My Little Evangelist

February 27, 2008

“…whoever obeys them and teaches others to do the same will be great in the kingdom of heaven…” (Matthew 5:19)

In one of our out of town mission trips, I witnessed a delightful moment between my two daugthers (ages 3 and 1).

As Mara (1 year old) started crying when she accidentally bumped her head on the dashboard because of the bumpy ride, Robelle (3 years old) quickly came to her sister, embraced her and said, “Mara, why cry? Jesus loves you…”.

Ahhh, sweet words to my ears. Preach it daughter! There goes my little evangelist.

What Robelle did for Mara is what I do for the crowds that I preach to. Preaching is basically telling people that there is no reason to weep or grieve because God loves them. That no matter what situation they find themselves in, God will see them through. That even if they bump themselves on the dashboards of life several times, God will always come to heal.

You know what? You can be an evangelist too. Perhaps you don’t need to speak before a crowd. Or preach before throngs of people. But you can say what Robelle said to Mara, right? Then you can become a preacher in your own little way.

Take a good look at that officemate of yours who may have just gone through a broken marriage.

Or that friend of yours who may recently lost his job.

Or that neighbor who is anxious about her finances.

Friend, be a preacher. Go and tell them about God’s great love for them. And tell them to follow Jesus and to obey his commandments. Minister to them. Guide them. Show them the path to life.

As the Gospel today says:

“…whoever obeys them and teaches others to do the same will be great in the kingdom of heaven…” (Matthew 5:19)

And if you yourself need the encouragement, allow me to preach to you a little then.

God loves you dear friend. You may not see or feel Him right now as you go through your fears, anxieties or pains. But He is there. Holding you. Carrying you. Keeping you company. And He is reaching out to you through this blog to tell you: “Child, why cry? I love you.”


We got to our destination that day with Mara laughing and giggling. Nursing a slightly swollen forehead, she kept her energy up and playtime to its max. Perhaps not because of the icepack on her forehead. But because of the comforting words from her sister.

So many people out there are nursing a swollen forehead too because of the bumps and bruises of life. You just might be the person they need to cheer them up.

I need to end here. My little evangelist is calling my name. To feed her. Play with her. Tell her a story. I better do it now. Because pretty soon, before I know it, she might be all grown up and start travelling the world…simply telling people that there is no reason to cry because Jesus loves them.

Ahhh, sweet words to my ears!

I remain, your friend in Christ,

Bobby Q. 


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