The Animal University

February 29, 2008

“…and you shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, with all you mind and with all your strength…” (Mark 12:30)

A rabbit, a bird, a squirrel and a fish decided to put up a school together. They called it “The Animal University” (wonder why?) And they want all their students (meaning all kinds of animals) to take all the subjects in their designed curriculum.

The rabbit students were great at “Burrowing”, but they all failed at “Tree Climbing”.

The bird students were wonderful at “Flying” but miserably failed at “Burrowing”.

The squirrel students were terrific at “Tree Climbing” but nearly drowned at “Swimming”.

The fish was a natural at “Swimming” but was an “F” at “Flying”.

Result: Not a single student passed on the first year of “The Animal University”. (Taken from More Hot Illustrations, Wayne Rice)

Just like the animals in our story above, all of us were made for a specific purpose, often referred to as a calling or a vocation. And unless we know our vocation, we might try to do so many things and end up frustrated because of our inability to succeed in most of them.

Thus, the key is to know what God has specifically called you to do. This is where discernment comes in.

Discernment is basically knowing God’s purpose for your life on the basis of how God made you. Knowing yourself, therefore, is the first step to knowing God’s purpose for your life.

Unless you know your purpose, you might end up like the animal students — doing things you are not made to do.

Our over-arching call as Christians is this:

“…and you shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, with all you mind and with all your strength…” (Mark 12:30)

Discernment comes in when we ask the question: Where can I best do that?

Your calling is where you can best love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength on the basis of how God made you.

For some, they can best love God with everything they are if they practice their profession as doctors.

For some, if they remain faithful as priests.

To some, it is by becoming the best full-time mom that they can be.

For others, as an artist or musician.

How about you? Where do you think you can love the Lord with all that you are?

Yesterday marked a milestone for my life. It was my last official day as a practicing lawyer as I ended my four-year stint in government service. Today begins my first day as a full time Catholic Lay Preacher.

After much discernment, I have made the decision that this is where I can love the Lord best: To use all my God-given talents, energy and time to preach God’s love and mercy to everyone.

Pray for me. I am excited yet a bit anxious. What has God in store for His fumbling servant?

One bible verse which brings me peace in moments like this is from Paul’s letter to the Romans:

 “…And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose…” (Romans 8:28)

Know your purpose. Follow your call. And love God through this vocation by giving your all.

And you can be assured that all things will work for your good. That is my conviction. That is my hope.

Have a blessed day!

I remain, your friend in Christ,

Bobby Q.


2 thoughts on “The Animal University

  1. Hi.
    I’m just wondering, as a lawyer in the government service, did you not find that as one of your callings?

    Anyway, God bless you!

  2. hi,

    Thanks…I was reminded to unload myself so I can see how God is working in my life now. That with my present situation, I know God is trying to tell me something and all I need to do is to listen to Him and to all the people He sent. This month, marked my 13 years in my walk with the Lord and I pray for more years with Him. God bless you always bro…KKBBH.

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