Drunken Pilot or Sober Savior

March 3, 2008

“…The man had faith in the word that Jesus spoke to him and went his way…” (John 4:50)

Airline pilots are special people.

They hold the distinction of being entrusted with countless lives daily. More than firefighters. Or lawyers. Or even doctors. They hold more lives in their hands on a regular basis perhaps than any other profession. Have you ever thought of that?

If you are a regular airline passenger like me, you would know what I mean. You sit inside an aircraft with nothing much but a belt on your waist, a floor beneath you, a roof above you, and a little faith in your heart that the pilot didn’t wake up today with a bad hangover.

But what if just before take off you see the pilot enter the aircraft wobbly and stumbling a bit. You observe him and notice that he was slurring as he spoke. You inched closer to him, and there is no mistaking the smell of alcohol. Then he enters the cockpit and speaks over the microphone, “Ladiiies, un guntulmin. (Hic!) Huloo! Welllcome to thees flight. (Hic!) Sit back and relax and enjoy the flight (hic!)…”. Then you overhear him say, “Kindly get me that pill. My head is breaking. By the way, what’s our destination?”. Hah! I bet you will panic and will insist to disembark.

Why? Because the assurances of the pilot over the loudspeaker was far from assuring. You saw and heard him. And you know that his word cannot be trusted.

Sometimes, we treat God the same way.

Despite His assurances and promises, we panic in life. We worry. We become anxious. We stay awake at night. We can’t eat. We lose weight (For some, that would be a good thing!).

“What if it’s malignant?”

“What if I am convicted?”

“What if the company closes?”

“What if my plane crashes and I die?”

Anxieties take the joy away from our lives. It robs us of our peace of mind. It causes us either to live in the past or the future and we risk losing the blessing of the moment.

What’s bothering you today? What’s keeping you awake at night? What are your worries?

Why don’t we imitate the official in today’s gospel? When Jesus said to him, “Go, your son is living.” (John 5:50), he immediately believed and rushed home.

“…The man had faith in the word that Jesus spoke to him and went his way…” (John 5:50)

No doubting. No hesitation. No questions asked. He went on his way believing in the promise of Christ.

I know that it is easier said than done. But it can be done. We can trust God’s promises in our life. We can choose to believe and act according to that belief. Just like the official, we can have faith in God’s word and go on our way. To move on in life. To move out in confidence. To get on with passion knowing that the one who holds our future in our hands is not a drunk pilot, but a sober savior powerful enough to take care of our lives.

My advice in life? Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!

Have a blessed day!

I remain, your friend in Christ,

Bobby Q.


2 thoughts on “Drunken Pilot or Sober Savior

  1. Very great insight. I could apply this in situations that i feel so hopeless and desperate. Being a doubtful person, I need to be constantly reminded that indeed, Christ is always always at my side and He never fails.

  2. Thanks for this powerful message, an answered prayer for me. I read it just now, when I truly needed to be reminded of keeping our faith to God. Praise be to our awesome God for people like you…

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