Mr. Embarrasment

March 12, 2008

“…the truth will set you free…” (John 8:32)

I always hated Mathematics. Not for anything else but simply because I was never good at it. Or so I thought. Let me take you back to mid 1980’s…

There, that’s me, sitting in the middle of the classroom of 40 students, with his head bowed down. I dare not look at our teacher as she struts through the middle aisle.

This was “speed math” activity, an exercise our Math teacher does at the start of every class where she randomly calls on any student to answer, on the spot, a mathematical problem.  Within a few seconds, you are supposed to answer her question, otherwise, you get a “strike” mark. On your 3rd “strike” mark, you will be told to leave the room to spend the rest of the class period at the corridors. Talk about major embarrasment!

And I was Mr. Embarrasment.

I can barely recall the number of times I was scolded for not being able to answer the questions. Twice I was sent out. I can still hear my classmates giggle everytime I stammered in an effort to answer the bullet questions hurled at me. Until today, the memory of that poor kid with a bad Math IQ might still be etched in the minds of my classmates.

For so many years, I grew up thinking I will never be good at Math. Until I met Jesus Christ in a personal and powerful way.

It was in college when I took my faith seriously. I was told that I was wonderfully made by God. That I was made in His image and likeness. That no matter what others think, I am always special in His eyes. That with Him, I can do all things.

As a Political Science student, I wasn’t spared from taking Math units. I dreaded the thought of it but had to hurdle those subjects just the same. The only difference this time around was that I was a serious Christian. I had faith that Jesus was going to carry me through.

I remember going up to my Math teacher in college to receive my classcard at the end of the semester. With bated breath I gazed at my grade. Believe or not, I got a 1.25! (In UP, that’s like the second highest possible grade!) 

I left that experience transformed. I realized that I am not poor at Math. Now, I may not be excellent in it. But definitely I knew then that I had the capacity to rise above the lies that have plagued me for so many years.

Friend, Satan is the Father of Lies. His goal to ground those who want to fly. His mission is to keep in darkness those headed towards the light. His passion is to keep mediocre those capable of excelling. His hope to keep enchained by his lies so you will not embrace the wonderful plans of God for your life.

What are the lies of Satan which imprison you today, friend?

That you are good for nothing?

That you will always be below average?

 That you can never be successful?

 That you are destined for failure?

 That you will never recover from that tragedy?

 That you will never overcome that weakness and sin?

While Satan is the Father of Lies, Jesus, on the other hand, is the Way, the Truth and the Life. And He is the only one who can set you free from Satan’s lies.

“…the truth will set you free…” (John 8:32)

Come to Him today. Lay before Him all the lies of the enemy. Let Him deal with them the way He dealt with them in Calvary 2,000 years ago.

Rise above the lies. Embarrass Satan by proving Him wrong. Show Him that you are capable of becoming everything that God wants you to be.

Friend, you are not “Mr. Embarrasment”. Satan is.

Have a blessed day!

I remain, your friend in Christ,

Bobby Q.


One thought on “Mr. Embarrasment

  1. I remember those days bro. And I thought I’ll never be a good preacher and I can’t touch lives of people.

    Thank you my brother.
    Thank you my friend.

    I know our good Lord created me for something better. I am now a teacher.

    God bless you bro and jeng and your kids too.

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