All Roads Lead to Glory

March 22, 2008

Black Saturday

“…Do not be afraid…” (Matthew 28:10)

I just came back from a twenty minute walk around the village with my one year old daughter Mara. We take advantage of these times when I take my family home to my parents-in-law’s house in Pampanga to savor the beauty and joy of nature. (Try savoring whatever is in Cubao where we live, all you will get is either an asthma attack or a lung cancer.)

As I held Mara’s hand, I found myself a bit worried for her. My thoughts turned to what is happening in our country today. The corruption in high government. The poverty everywhere. Crime rate up. Stocks down. Peso rate erratic. Broken marriages. Unwanted children. Sin everywhere. As I contemplated on these things, I couldn’t help but grasp my daughter’s hand tightly and thought to myself: What kind of world will she grow up into?

Then the words of Jesus in today’s Gospel echoed in my heart:

“…Do not be afraid…” (Matthew 28:10)

Suddenly, my fears decreased. My confidence strengthened. My courage awakened. Yes, the world we live in is a mess. But the God to whom we gave our lives to is still in control. He defeated sin. He crushed Satan. He conquered death. That is why there is no reason to fear.

Sin might touch my daughter. Disappointment might crush her heart. Criticism might hurt her ego. Slander might hurt her pride. Frustration might shatter her dreams. Anxiety might rob her of peace.

Yes, she might lose some of her battles. But I am confident that if she remains with her Savior, she will win her war. At the end of it all, she will emerge victorious with her Lord.

And that is the promise to all of us.

God will allow us to suffer the consequences of living in a fallen world. But for those who proclaim Him King of their lives, His promise is ultimate victory where death will not have the last say.

The key word is “ultimate”.

“Ultimate” means final, last, eventual, decisive and crucial. Meaning to say, when everything have been said and done, victory for Jesus and those who follow Him is still the end result.

Just like the apostles, we will grieve for awhile. But just like them, those of us who hold on to Christ’s promises in our lives have all our roads leading to glory.

Have a blessed Black Saturday!

I remain, your friend in Christ,

Bobby Q.


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