March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday 

“…He saw and believed…” (John 20:8)

Two brothers, Tom and Jerry, received similar presents from their dad — a box full of hay.

Tom, upon seeing what was inside the box, walked away from it grudgingly. “Hah! What does my dad think of me, a horse?”, he said to himself.

Jerry, on the other hand, as soon as he saw the hay, immediately jumped inside the box and started removing the hay excitedly. Upon seeing this, his dad asked him, “Jerry, what are you doing?”. Without even looking at his dad, Jerry replied, “If there is hay, there must be a horse in here somewhere.”

Both boys saw the same gift. But both had different reactions. One disappointed or confused or may even be disgruntled. The other excited of what this offers. 

The same thing happened to those who saw the empty tomb on that first Easter Sunday.

Many saw that the tomb was empty. There was Mary of Magdala. Then Peter and John. Even the Roman guards saw it. Many others were informed of it. But guess what? Only a few believed.

Others laughed it off. Still others believed that the tomb was empty but theorized that the body may have been stolen. For many it was bad news.

For John and a handful others, the news of an empty tomb was welcomed. It meant perhaps that Jesus was after all true to his promise of living again. That the tomb was just a temporary stop-over. That He was just going to conquer death to usher in new life for all.

Today, as we celebrate the feast of all feasts, Easter, let us do what John did:

“…He saw and believed…” (John 20:8)

Believe in God’s promises. Believe in God’s wonderful plans for your life. Believe that you can conquer your most nagging weaknesses. Believe that you can bounce back from your worst failures. Believe that you can be free of that long-standing addiction. Believe that you can forgive. Believe that you can obey. Believe that you can live a victorious life in Jesus.

Today, we recall that the stone has been moved to make way for the risen Lord. Let Jesus move your stones to make way for you to rise again.

That’s what Easter did for the apostles. That’s what Easter does for all of us who believe!

Have a victorious Easter, dear friends!

I remain, your friend in Christ,

Bobby Q.  


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