In No Better Place

March 31, 2008

“…With God nothing is impossible…” (Luke 1:37)

I have a dear friend who happens to be very proud of his home province. For him, everything seem to be better in his side of the fence than any other place in the world.

Talk about lechon. “Nothing tastes better than the lechon cooked in my hometown.”, he’d say.

Talk about sceneries. “Nothing compares with the beauty of our sights in our place.”

Talk about fiestas. “We celebrate our fiestas better in my province.”

He’s so convinced of how great his hometown is that I won’t be surprised if he would venture to say that the moon shines better there than anywhere else.

For my friend, there is no better place than his home province. Today, he is a dynamic priest actively serving the Lord…(guess where?).

How about you, friend? Where is the best place for you? Where do you think it would be best to settle down? Where your life can be better? Where you will have everything that you need? Where it is safest? And mind you, I am not talking about geography.

In a spiritual sense, where is the best place for your life? Where should you invest it on? Where is it safest? Where are you most secure? 

For some, it’s in a secure job.

For others, their connections with the influential people.

For many, it is confidence in themselves.

But more often than not, these things are never enough to get you through the pitfalls of life. 

Many of these things crumble in the face of what’s impossible. 

Sometimes, the best treatment cannot cure cancer.

The best lawyer cannot get you off the hook.

The best husband even fail you at times.

Your best abilities cannot win you that promotion.

But not God. As the angel said to Mary in today’s Gospel:

“…With God nothing is impossible…” (Luke 1:37)

Not unemployment, or alzheimers, or a losing court case, or broken relationships. What God wants, God accomplishes. Nothing in heaven and on earth can thwart His plans. Even in the face of what is impossible.

Dear friend, do you find yourself confronted with an impossible situation? I challenge you to turn to Him who specializes on these things. And let Him convince you, that your life is in no better place than in His hands.

Have a blessed week ahead!

I remain, your friend in Christ,

Bobby Q.


2 thoughts on “In No Better Place

  1. “What God wants, God accomplishes. Nothing in heaven and on earth can thwart His plans. Even in the face of what is impossible.” – Bobby Q.

    sometimes we forget that. thanks for the reminder.

    God bless

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