Being Honest with God

April 12, 2008

“…Lord, to whom shall we go?…” (John 6:68)

Recently, I heard of a friend who has decided to seek the Lord in his life again. I say “again” because there was a time when he was practically living in their parish serving God as one of the leaders in their youth group. But somewhere, somehow, he fell by the wayside. 

Death of a loved one. Tragedy at school. Family crisis. All these contributed to his anger — anger with life and with God. For years he avoided the Lord and anything related to Him. Resentment clouded the mind. Pain mired the heart. Anger burned from within as he could no longer believe in the loving God he once served.

Until a few days ago, now much, much older, my friend attended a bible study again. I don’t know exactly what transpired during those years of self-exile, but one thing I believe is this: he is now making peace with God.

The words of Peter in today’s gospel is applicable to my friend:

 “…Lord, to whom shall we go?…” (John 6:68)

It wasn’t a question but a statement. A statement of conviction. A statement of faith. That even if we shall run away from God. That even if we shall seek other paths to take. That even if we choose to resist the promptings of our hearts. Our feet shall still carry us back to Him. Because when all have been said and done, we know in our heart of hearts that the world can never offer to us what God can.

Today, I invite you to be honest with God about your disappointments with Him. Be honest with Him. Tell Him how sometimes it becomes so hard to trust. Speak to Him about that frustration. Or that long-standing unanswered prayer. And when you have poured out everything to God, immediately echo what Peter said. That even if you should hurt within, it is never enough to barter God for anything in the world.

For you, God is and always will be your only option.

I remain, in Christ,

Bobby Q. 



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