The Rightful Owner

June 14, 2008

“…So do not be afraid:you are worth much more than many sparrows…”(Matthew 10:31)

I remember the story of a boy who one day found out that his favorite toy truck has been missing. With great panic, he began a frantic search around his neighborhood.

Just before the day ended, he was surprised to see his toy truck on display at a show window of a toy shop. With great courage, he approached the store owner to demand a return of his toy truck. The owner told him that the toy truck is now the property of the store. That if the boy wanted it back, he must pay for it.

Decided to purchase his own toy truck, the boy left the toy shop determined to find the money to buy it back. To earn the money, he began doing different things around the neighborhood — washed cars, swept the front lawns, etc.

After a week of hard work, the boy was able to raise the money needed to purchase his own toy truck. With pride, he enters the toy shop, placed his money on the store owner’s desk, and demands the return of his precious toy. The store owner grinned, gave him his toy truck, and took his money.

“You sure love your toy, eh.”, the owner said “What’s with that thing anyway? Why do you love it so much?”

The boy smiled and with tear-filled eyes looked up at the owner, “Simply because it’s mine.” Then he looks at his toy truck with keen fondness and said, “Because I bought you for such a high price, you can be assured that I will take very good care of you…”

Today’s Gospel speaks of a similar thought:

“…So do not be afraid:you are worth much more than many sparrows…”(Matthew 10:31)

Just like the toy truck, we were lost in sin, imprisoned by a thief called Satan, and similarly bought back by our rightful owner, not with money, but with His blood. And that is why we are “worth much more than many sparrows”. Because we were bought for a very high price.

And this is where our confidence should lie. This is why Christ reminds us not to be afraid. Because if He bought us for such a high price, we can be assured that He will take good care of us.

In the midst of our debts…

In the face of our sickness…

In the heat of our anger…

In the wake of our defeats…

In the pain of our disappointments…

Our rightful owner whispers to our ear, “Do not be afraid: You are worth more than sparrows”.

In moments of desolation, dear friend, I encourage you to remember the story of the toy truck. Shed a tear and move on with confidence.

Do not be afraid. Someone sees to it that you are taken cared of.

Because you are worth so much more than you think.

Have a blessed week!

I remain, your friend in Christ,

Bobby Q.