The Dreaded Double “H”

July 08, 2008

“…for they were harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd…” (Matthew 9:36)

Harassed. Helpless. The dreaded double “H”.

Two words which can very well describe many of us at any given day of a typcial workweek.

Deadlines to meet…

Bills to pay…

Meetings to attend to…

Errands to make…

They never seem to end. I was in that situation last week.

Not only was I running from one appointment to another, I was also nursing a bad case of sinusitis the whole time. But there I was, still giving that seminar. Still writing that book. Still counselling. Still driving my wife to work. Still bringing my daughter to school. Still playing piggyback with my youngest. Still…

And I say all these not to boast about my commitment or durability. I say this to drive home one important realization I had: things could’ve been worse if I didn’t have a Shepherd.

I say to myself, “Bob, you think you’re in a bind now? Well, just imagine if Jesus was not on your side…”

And then things seem to look better. The spirits are lifted a bit. The heart is more grateful. The burden becomes lighter.

The next time you go through a bad day, dear friend, think of what I said. And perhaps just like sheep, you will find yourself lying on the meadows…in peace.

A blessed day to you, dear friend!

In Christ, your friend always,

Bobby Q.


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