When God Whispers the Impossible

July 7, 2008

“…And they laughed at him…” (Matthew 9:24)

Don’t we sometimes?

Probably not as loudly or irreverently as those in today’s Gospel. But I am quite sure there were moments when we giggled incredulously, albeit unconsciously, at some of God’s pronouncements in our lives.

Especially when God whispers the impossible.

When He told you that you can still have a child after years of a childless marriage…

When He insisted that you will get healed despite what the doctors said…

When He assured you that you were still forgiven despite the number of times you slipped…

When He promised that He will provide…

Really. Didn’t we shake our heads in utter disbelief? Deep inside, we snickered. But deeper within, we also hoped.

And that was what the synagogue official and the bleeding woman had in today’s gospel — a hope from deep within. That Jesus has the answers. That Jesus has the power. That Jesus can and will make a way for those who choose to hope.

I have been away from this blog for several reasons. I was busy, yes. But also, I sometimes feel that my writing may have no impact. Despite the text messages of gratitude from readers. Despite the email messages of those who have been touched. Somehow, the cynic within me “laughed”. Do I really make a difference?

Well, today’s gospel reminds me to dig deep within me, and find hope. That somehow, some way, a heart will be touched. A cancer patient will find the courage to fight for his life. An aging man will find the strength despite a washed out career. A single mom will find faith in what God can and will do for her.

Yes, I will write. For as long as there are people like you who choose to read.

Friend, whatever it is you’re going through and no matter how tight the corner you may be in, listen closely to His comforting voice. God is serious. He is true to His word. He will come through for you.

Believe and dare not laugh. Even when God whispers the impossible.

Have a blessed day!

In Christ, always,

Bobby Q.


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