July 14, 2008

“…he who loses his life for my sake will find it…” (Matthew 10:39)

I left the pay parking area a few days ago in a bad mood.

I was supposed to receive P55.00 as change for the parking fee. Instead, the cashier mistakenly gave me only P45.00, P10.00 short of my supposed change. But it was too late when I realized it. I was already pulling out from the ramp when I noticed the mistake. The honking cars from behind convinced me not to even think of going back just to complain. But I learned a valuable lesson that day: sometimes we feel about that when it comes to life in general.

You work hard for that promotion only to realize that the company had been planning to lay you off over the past year.

You took good care of your girl only to realize that she is now a few months pregnant, and the father has no plans of owning up to his responsibilities.

You exercise everyday only to find out from the doctor one day that you have cancer.

Shortchanged — that’s what many of us feel about life, sometimes.

It’s a good thing that the opposite is true when it comes to our relationship with God. Today’s gospel tells us about this: “…he who loses his life for my sake will find it…” (Matthew 10:39)

 In Christ, we emerge on the longer end of the stick. We gain more than we lose. We receive more than we sacrifice. We lose so that we win. We give so that we gain. In Him, we are never shortchanged.

On the other hand, we always shortchange God. Despite the blessings, we complain. Despite the love, we hate. Despite the provision, we squander.   Despite the forgiveness, we sin again.

Today, I encourage you to analyze the kind of relationship you have with God. Who is shortchanged? Who gets the raw end of the deal? Who gets the bad side of the bed? Is it you or God?

As for me, I know that being shortchanged for P10.00 is really nothing. Nothing compared to how I’ve shortchanged my God all these years.

And that was probably why I did not even consider going back to that cashier and claim my rightful change.

In the realm of life and salvation, I am already more than compensated for that.

Have a blessed day!

I remain, your friend in Christ,

Bobby Q.  



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