Hard to Please?

July 16, 2008

“…and revealed them to the childlike…” (Matthew 11:25)

“…Papang, I want to watch Aladdin…” goes my 3 year old daughter. “Again?”, was my knee-jerk reply. She has been watching this VCD almost everyday over the past week. But I guess that’s the great thing about children: nothing is routine. There is always something novel about everything.

That was probably why Jesus said that so much about the Kingdom of God have been hidden from the wise but were revealed to the childlike. Because the childlike are the only ones who can fully appreciate what the Kingdom of God offers. They, in a sense, are not hard to please.

During the time of Jesus, the wise and the learned are rarely seen among his disciples. Most of His followers were simple folk. Those whose lives were uncomplicated. Those whose desires were simpler. Those whose minds were uncluttered. Those whose hearts were open to what Jesus offered. Only they could fully appreciate the life Jesus was offering them.

What was true then is still very much true today. The learned scientist is still quick to criticize religion. The busy corporate man is still slow to make time for church. And this has nothing to do with intellect or success. Even among the poor and dumb are those who are likewise callous to what God offers.

Simplicity and childlikeness, my friend, is really about the disposition of the human heart.

They are those who still marvel at sunsets, and breath in the fresh morning air. They don’t find prayer a routine and scripture is always new to them. They find delight in the life sharing of others. And not grow tired of doing good. For them, God has always something new to offer. And nothing He gives they take for granted.

Today, try to look within you. Do you still look forward to your time with God? Or has prayer lost its glitter in your life? Do you still marvel at scriptures despite the many times you’ve heard a passage? Or is the message been relegated to mere information? Do you still find life in serving God? Or has it become a mere task that you OUGHT to do?

Friend, dig deep. Somewhere within you is a child. Simple. Pure. Excited. Touchbase with it. And you will realize that when it comes to God, you are still not hard to please after all.

Have a blessed day!

I remain, your friend, in Christ,

Bobby Q.

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