July 22, 2008

“…They said, ‘Woman, why are you weeping?’…” (John 20:13)

All she saw was the stone that was moved. Naturally, she thought somebody tampered with the tomb.

All she saw was a tomb that was empty. Naturally, she thought that the body was stolen.

All she heard was silence from within. Naturally, she thought that the dead remained dead.

She was dead wrong. (No pun intended!)

“Naturally”. A word that limits. A word that grounds your faith. A word that shields your view of the impossible.

When we allow our limited human experience to dictate on what we should believe, we can miss out on the many miracles of God in our lives. In a sense, we limit God. We place Him on a box. We fence Him. We often say sentences like…

“…That evangelistic goal is impossible…”

“…That sickness is terminal…”

“…That set-up is too ideal…”

“…That commitment is too good to be true…”

And many hopes are dashed because we try to limit what God can do based on our previous experiences. Cause and effect. That’s what they call it. If this is what you do, this is what you get — Naturally. But please, let us not use that word when it comes to God. He is not bound by that. On the other hand, the “natural” yields to the “supernatural” when it comes to God.

That was what happened to Mary Magdalene on the first Easter Sunday. Her natural reaction was to shed tears. She wasn’t aware, that as she wept, God was already doing the impossible — He who was once dead was now walking among the living. And that was why the angels had to ask her to show her the folly of her reaction to the empty tomb…

“…They said, ‘Woman, why are you weeping?’…” (John 20:13)

Anybody weeping right now…perhaps because of a recent death in the family…or because of loneliness…or anxiety…or pain? Before you indulge in your misery, pause for awhile and remember Mary’s experience. Perhaps as you weep, God is already doing the impossible. So be strong. Look inside. The tomb is empty. And it’s not because the body was stolen. It is just God, doing the impossible.


I remain, in Christ,

Bobby Q.


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