The View from Above

July 24, 2008


“…but their hearts have become calloused…” (Matthew 13:15)


I am writing this inside an aircraft 47,000 feet above sea level.


It’s Thursday morning and I am on my way to Bacolod to preach. I gaze outside the window and I see a sight I don’t usually see everyday — the view from above.


I see below me what I often see above me — clouds. I hover above on what I usually step on to — land. I fly above where I usually swim under — sea. What a view!


From here, the world seems so great, peaceful and tranquil. That is because you don’t hear and see what God hears and sees.


You don’t see the 5 year old boy sleeping on a cardboard on 21st street.


Or the young widow who just lost her husband to a stroke…


Or the distraught teenager about to slash her wrist…


Neither can you hear the cry of the young parents over the death of their child…


Nor the sobbing of the convict after hearing his sentence of imprisonment for a crime he hasn’t committed…


Nor the anguish of a wife left by her husband for another woman…


Yet from up here, God sees and hears them all.


That was why God had to do what he did 2,000 years ago. He came down from above to be with those below. That He may feel their pain, and bear their burdens. That He may cry with the widow, and touch the leper. That He may comfort the weak, and give hope to the sinner.


And God still does that today. No, He cannot bear to watch His world suffer. From above, God still calls us to come to Him and whispers His love to the down-trodden.


Even if the hearts of men and women have gone callous to His love, and deaf to His voice. What He said 2,000 years ago can still be said today:


 “…but their hearts have become calloused…” (Matthew 13:15)


But God will not give up nor give in. For as long as he sees a streetchild hungry or a widow in pain, He will not remain above. He will come down daily to love His world.


Do you want to feel His presence? Be still. Feel the presence of this loving God filling your heart with His warmth.


The view from above may be great for you and me. But that is because we are not God.


We don’t have the eyes and ears that He has.


Have a blessed day!


I remain, your friend in Christ,


Bobby Q.


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