Say Yes

July 29, 2008

“…Yes, Lord…” (John 11:27)

I remember the day my dad taught me how to swim. Everytime he dared me to let go of his grip, he would always ask me, “Do you trust me?”. And i would always respond with a slight nod but my grip on his hand remained firm. My body did not agree with my mouth. My heart wanted to believe, but my mind could not. The water was too cold. My body too weak. The day I learned to swim was on the day I learned to trust, and let go.

The same could be said of many of us. Those among you reading this blog can perhaps identify with me. When you wanted to believe but somehow the circumstances of your life tell you otherwise. Your heart wants to trust but your mind could not. Either you were too young or too old. Or too busy, or too insignificant. Or too sick. Or too poor. And you end up with the question, “Can I trust God to carry me through?”.

Perhaps Martha was in the same boat. Jesus, their best friend, was late, and so Lazarus, their brother, was dead. She wanted to believe but her mind could not. Can Jesus really still help their brother now? Her heart tells her to believe. But the stench of death from behind the stone tells her not to.

And yet when Jesus asked her if she believed in Him, she mustered all her strength to say two words which may have sealed her fate, and her faith.

 “…Yes, Lord…” (John 11:27)

Two simple words that says so much. Of a trusting heart that dares to see beyond the visible. Of a believing spirit that dares to let go despite the uncertainty. Her mind may have analyzed the situation and told her that what Jesus was about to do wasn’t possible. But her heart dug deep within to still say two words which made the biggest difference in her life and the life (or death)  of her brother.

And that’s what God asks of you today. To say those same words to him when he asks you of the status of your faith. Despite the financial troubles. Or the sickness. Or the death of your loved one.

Say yes. Confess your faith. Even if your mind resists.

Believe that Jesus is strong enough to move the stones of your life.

Have a blessed week!

I remain, in Christ,

Bobby Q.


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