Move On

September 1, 2008

…But he passed through their midst and went his way…” (Luke 4:30)

My wife Jeng was given the honor to write a book about the late Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay by no less than the Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Foundation. Last week, her book was launched in public at the RMMF building along Roxas Boulevard. That event was more than just a simple launch.

It was a celebration of the life of a man who did what he believed was his calling despite the challenges which came his way.

Here was a man who finished elementary at age 17 because of a lingering illness. Started high school when most boys his age were already studying a course in college. Finished his high school in three years to make up for lost time. Worked as a mechanic to send himself to college. Was criticized for his principles, opposed by the communists for his loyalty to democracy, and went on to become the President of the Republic of the Philippines. After a few years in office, on a Sunday, the great man known as “the guy” perished in a plane crash. He passed away that day but his legacy of greatness, principled leadership and patriotism continue to live, if not in the hearts of most of our politicians, at least in the hearts of those among us who choose to continue to hopeĀ for a better Philippines.

What’s my point? Just like Jesus who, despite the unbelief of his townmates and the criticism of those whom he came to serve, “…passed through their midst and went his way…” to fulfill his mission in life, Magsaysay did the same. And so is the call to all of us today.

Know your calling. Follow God’s voice. Work hard to fulfill your vocation. Despite the odds. Despite the oppositions. Despite the criticism. Sometimes coming from those very people whom you think will believe you. Sometimes coming from the very people whom you hope to serve. Sometimes even coming from the very people whom you love and whom you think loves you.

But then, just like the late President and the Lord Jesus Christ, “pass through their midst and go your way”. Move on. Go for your dreams. And let no one come between you and God’s marvelous plans for your life.

Take it from RM. Take it from Jesus.

Pass through the midst of criticism and unbelief…and move on towards your dreams.

I remain, your friend, in Christ,

Bobby Q.