The Temple from Whom We Receive

“…but he was speaking about the temple of his body…” (John 2:21)

We needed more or less P20,000.00.

It was to be the last installment of our insurance policy which we worked on for the last five years.

It was already Thursday and the last day for payment was Tuesday the week after. Time, as well as my options, were running out. Well, what do you expect? A full time preacher really does not have much options when it comes to finances, eh.

But then again, like what I always shared in this blog, God never runs out of miracles if only to prove to me that it was really Him who called to be where I am today.

It was in a meeting I attended when a dear friend, a simple man from my Catholic Community, handed to me a white envelope as a “token of his support to my evangelistic ministry”. Inside it was a check for, guess how much,…drumroll please…P20,000.00. Just what we needed.

Isn’t God amazing?

He is. That was why Jesus said what he said in today’s gospel:

“…but he was speaking about the temple of his body…” (John 2:21)

You see, during Jesus’ time, the temple was where people received. It was where they pray to receive spiritual blessing. It was where the merchants sell for people to receive their daily material provisions. It was where they go to meet friends. It was where the people of God fellowshipped.

Today, the temple ceased to be an edifice made of rock. As Jesus declared, He is the new temple — where people receive both spiritual and material blessings.

That is why he must be the foundation of every disciple, missionary, priest and lay leader. Him who can’t be destroyed. Him who is ever holy. Him who provides.

Today, dwell inside this temple. Marvel at the beauty of its courtyard called generosity. At its front steps called wisdom. At its front door called joy. At its pews called mercy. At its altar called love.

Dwell within Jesus…and receive.

He never fails.

I remain, in Christ,

Bobby Q.


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