Who’s On Your Plane?

 “…Do not fear, Mary…” (Luke 1:30)

The first time I rode a plane was a nightmare.

I was seven years old then. My dad and I took the Philippine Airlines flight to Manila. At first I was excited. But as soon as the plane was airborne, my excitement turned into fear. There were several reasons for that: the air turbulence, the muffled yet hissing sound in my ears, the look of one of the passengers (believe me, he came straight out of a hijacking film ) etc.

Pretty soon I was at the edge of my seat. Not until I saw my father.

There he was. Calm. Unperturbed. Sipping his coffee. Reading his newspaper. He was the perfect symbol of confidence. Then it dawned on me. If my father is not panicking, then there must be no reason to. Besides, why should I fear, my father is on my plane.

No wonder the angel Gabriel had the guts to tell Mary what he told her in today’s gospel: “…Do not fear, Mary…” (Luke 1:30)

Think for a moment. Here she was, a teenager on the threshold of a new chapter in her life. She was about to be married to the man she loves. Then came the angel, not only with a crazy offer but also with an outrageous greeting to start with.

She, a teenager, was to become the mother of the long-awaited messiah. And she will have to conceive a child without any sexual contact with another man. And to top it all, the messenger had the guts to tell her not to be afraid. How crazy can you get?

But then, let’s think for a moment. Maybe the angel had the courage to tell Mary not to be afraid because of one important thing: God was on her plane.

She was being asked to face a challenge but she was not going to face it alone. God was going to be with her. No air turbulence, or hijacker was going to topple her. God would be her strength. God would be her joy. God would be her consolation.

How about you? What are your fears as the year draws to a close? What are your fears as a new year begins to unfold?

Before you panic, I encourage to take a good look at your life. Is God on your plane? Because if he is, then no air turbulence or hijacker will be strong enough to topple you.

Do not be afraid, my friend. Look at your co-passenger in your flight. It’s Him. Your Heavenly Father.

He’s on your plane!

In Christ’s service,

Bobby Q.


2 thoughts on “Who’s On Your Plane?

  1. Thanks for this post. It always amazes me how God can use another person to deliver his messages.

    I’m in a turbulent time and it is so easy to look at the facts and be anxious. Thanks for reminding me that my father is beside me and that everything will be okay.

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