Papang the Monster

“…Take courage, it is I…” (Mark 6:50)

Last night, my two daughters and I had our regular board meeting and it’s called: playtime.

Our game was called: Papang the Monster.

Draped over my head was a blanket as I pretended to be a sea monster with a huge appetite. My two daughters were on a small raft called “our bed”, and the ocean was called “our room”. Boy, we had fun!

Not until they became so tired from running away from Papang. It was then when they decided they’ve had enough. Snatching the blanket which covered my face, my two daughters joined in unison as they shouted with glee, “It’s just Papang!”.

Tell me, what did they do?

Answer: When it became so scary, they reminded themselves that it was just me all along and that there was no reason to fear.

In today’s gospel, in the midst of their fears and perplexity, Jesus had to remind the apostles that behind the storm and darkness is somebody who loves them and who would never allow anything bad to happen to them.

“…Take courage, it is I…” (Mark 6:50), Jesus said to them.

And He says the same thing to you, my friend.

What is that storm you face right now? What is that monster that threatens to swallow you?

Insurmountable debts?

A court case?

An illness?


God will not cause it, but sometimes God allows it. Why?

To test you. To teach you. To make you a better person.

And when the waves become too high, or the darkness too dark, God takes the blanket off and reminds you, “take courage, it is I”.

He holds your life. He is in control. He will not allow anything bad to happen to you.

Last night, my two daughters slept beside me, one on each side. They slept so peacefully. They know what most people do not.

Their “monster” is their Papang…and hence, there is no reason to fear. 

Sleep peacefully, my friend.

Trusting God,

Bobby Q.


2 thoughts on “Papang the Monster

  1. Very insightful Kuya Bobby. As Pope B16 said before he was pope: “Those who have this link with God, those who have this uninterrupted conversation with him, can dare to respond to these challenges and are no longer afraid because those who are in God’s hands always fall into God’s hands.” Happy new year!

    • Hi Iris. Great to hear from you. Yes, I now have two daughters ages 4 and 2 respectively. I pray everything’s well with you. Keep in touch!

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