Learning from Jesus

“…Isn’t this the son of Joseph?…” (Luke 4:22)

In his book “The Leadership Secrets of Jesus”, author Mike Murdock recounts:

“…Some years ago, Elvis Presley did a concert in Indianapolis, Indiana. One of my close friends, a deputy sheriff in Indianapolis, was in charge of security backstage. He noticed that a man dressed in an old windbreaker jacket was shuffling around, as if he was some bum off the street. As my friend prepared to evict him from the building, someone stopped him and said, ‘That man is Colonel Parker, the manager of Elvis Presley’…”

People are quick to judge. It’s part of our fallen nature.

No wonder the people in Jesus’ town in today’s gospel found it difficult to believe that Jesus was who he claimed to be. Quickly, they referred to his pedigree in evaluating the validity of his claim.

“…Isn’t this the son of Joseph?…” (Luke 4:22)

the child who used to play with my son?

…the boy who fixed our bed?

…the lad who nailed our roof?

…Could he be the messiah?

It was a good thing that Jesus knew one key to happiness: know who you are and your purpose in life.

Jesus did.

He knew He was the Son of God. His mission was clear to Him: to save mankind.

Hence, no criticism, disbelief or smear campaign was enough to shake his convictions.

How about you? Do you know who you are? Are you aware of your gifts? Are you confident of your worth? Do you know your purpose in life?

Because if you do, then no one — not your boss, your colleagues at work, not even your relatives — can shatter your dreams.

Learn from Jesus. No other better model than Him.

Child of God,

Bobby Q.


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