God is Capable!

“…But new wine, new skins!…” (Mark 2:22)

I was in a retreat last Saturday. During one of the meditation times, I struck an intimate and sincere conversation with the Lord.

“Lord,” I said, ” Life can be very overwhelming. Kaya ko ba ito?”

Honestly, it was a “fishing” question. You know, the kind of question that fishes for a desired answer. I was half-hoping God would assure me that I can do it. That I have what it takes to accomplish my dreams. That I am capable of surmounting all challenges 2009 has to offer.

Then God, as He always does, surprised me with his answer: “Alam mo, anak. Hindi. Hindi mo kaya yan.”

Whoa! I was dumbfounded. How can God be so discouraging?

Then He continued, “Hindi mo kaya. Pero kaya ko.”

And then it dawned on me: I am not capable but God is.

Because while I am weak, faithless, tentative, easily discouraged, selfish, and limited in so many ways, God isn’t.

My friend, your 2009 resolutions can be very daunting. The goals you set for yourself this year can be very intimidating. The things you want to change in yourself can be very overwhelming. But the good news is this: You have a God far bigger than all your resolutions, goals and dreams combined. And HE is capable!

“…But new wine, new skins!…” (Mark 2:22)

You can only have “new skins” this year if the “new wine” is in your life. The “new skins” are your goals for the year. The “new wine” is a renewed relationship with God. Without the latter, don’t even think of accomplishing the former.

For while you are not capable, God is.

Excited for the year,

Bobby Q.


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