Atlas and the World

“…What does the law allow us to do on the Sabbath? To do good or to harm? To save life or to kill?…” (Mark 3:4)


I sat in front of one of my spiritual mentors last week and told him, “Ken, I’m exhausted from all my preaching engagements, not to mention all the domestic concerns at home. I feel like Atlas, you know, carrying the whole world on his shoulders. I can’t afford to rest, otherwise I fear that my world will come tumbling down…”

He smiled at me and said, “Try coming out from under the world. You will realize, it will not fall even without you. You see, it rests on the shoulders of someone bigger than you. It rests on the shoulders of God….”

Ugghh! The truth hurts. But that is the truth.

Sometimes, we arrogantly think that we carry our business, our service and our finances on our shoulders. That if we choose to rest even for awhile, the world will come tumbling down.

But the truth of the matter is this: God carries your world, not you.

So find time to rest. Your business will not fall apart without you. Your ministry will not come to a stand still as you rest. Your family will not suffer if you take a day-off to reflect and pray.

I am reminded of the story of the elephant who crossed a hanging bridge one day. As he crossed the bridge, a small ant decided to sit on top of him. Upon reaching the other side, the small ant arrogantly uttered, “Boy! Did we rock that bridge!”.

Sometimes, just like the ant, we can arrogantly think that we have a 50-50 share with God when it comes to conquering our dreams and facing our challenges. On the contrary, the sharing scheme is anything but that. Our share is quite minimal. We pray. We work hard. We do our part. But God carries the bigger burden of carrying us through life.

In today’s gospel, Jesus said:

“…What does the law allow us to do on the Sabbath? To do good or to harm? To save life or to kill?…” (Mark 3:4)

God gives us the Sabbath to rest because his ultimate goal is to save us. Not to overburden us. Not to drain us of all our strength. Not to zap us of all our energy. God doesn’t want you to die serving Him. On the contrary, He wants you to find life serving Him.

So take my advice: Take a breather. Relax. Rest.

Believe me, your world will not fall apart without you because it rests on the shoulders of Him who is bigger than you.

You are not Atlas. God is.

Resting in God’s presence,

Bobby Q.


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