The Beautiful Life

“…otherwise they would be converted and pardoned…” (Mark 4:12)

There was this story about a carnapping incident in the US. After discovering that her car was stolen, the women reported the incident to the police. She told them that they should get to the thief before he decides to eat a piece of cake she left on the front seat of the car. According to her, that cake contains rat poison.

And so the police went on to search for the thief. He, on his part, kept avoiding the police thinking they were after him in order to punish him. He didn’t know that they were actually going after him in order to save his life.

In the same way, that is most likely the reason why many choose to run away from God.

People think that God is going after them in order to punish them for their sins.  They refuse to attend mass. They hide from their priest or pastor. They avoid that person who constantly invites them to that bible study. As if God was a plague that needs to be avoided at all cost.

Perhaps it’s because of the wrong notion that God demands too much.

Or that God will make you sacrifice that which is important to you.

Or that life will be more difficult if you take your faith seriously.

Unfortunately, many of us are victims of these wrong notions.

Of course, the fear isn’t compeletly baseless. Yes, God will demand nothing less than the best from you. God might ask you to give up things for Him, especially those which take you away from Him. And Christian life, as we all know, is definitely not a bed of roses.

But you know what, life with God is beautiful. And it is this beautiful life that God is offering to us. That is why he pursues us. Not to punish us. But to bless us. 

I believe that many people do not know this truth, “…otherwise they would be converted and pardoned…” (Mark 4:12).

Today, I invite you to check your heart. Are you open to be pursued by God? To seek His will? To know His mind? Or are you running away from Him and His will for you?

Come to Him in silence today. Listen closely. And hear police sirens coming your way. He is coming for you. Not to punish you. But to bless you with a beautiful life.

In Christ,

Bobby Q.

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