The Honking Horn

“…He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out…” (John 10:3)

When I was in elementary school, there was no sweeter sound to me at 5PM than the honking horn of our 1979 Ford Cortina. That honk signified so much to me.

For one, it meant leaving school and going home.

It meant the sumptuous dinner prepared by my mother.

It meant rest at home.

But most of all, it reminded me that my father has not forgotten me. That he remembered to pick me up after school. That despite the many things he is busy with in the office, he always had time for his eldest child. And that meant so much to me.

You know what? I feel the same thing when it comes to God.

In scriptures, He says: “…He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out…” (John 10:3)

Whenever I hear Him call my name, I am reminded of the honking horn.

His voice reminds me of home.

Of the sumptuous feast that awaits me in heaven.

Of the eternal rest that is promised to all who believed.

But most of all, it reminds me that the Father has not forgotten. Despite the many planets he had to manage and the million stars he had to monitor, He had time for me. I was important. I was precious. I was valuable in His sight.

Have you heard any “honking horns” lately — those things which remind you that God has not forgotten you?

It may be a long-awaited promotion in the office.

Or it may be the baby you now hold in your arms.

Or it may be the doctor telling you that the tumor miraculously disappeared.

Or it may be a quiet evening with your spouse, a romantic dinner after a long, long time.

Or the beautiful sunset after a long and tiring day.

These things remind you of  a voice so often neglected, silenced by the other voices of this world, yet constantly there. The voice of God. Consistent. Reliable. Trustworthy.

This week, I suggest you take time to notice these honking horns all around you. Walk a little bit slower. Pause. Find time to reflect. They are everywhere.

Listen closely. Let these “honking horns” remind you that though he is undeniably busy, He always has time for His beloved.

Yes, He always has time for you.

A blessed week ahead to you, my friend!

Bobby Q.


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