Chosen and Blessed

“…It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain…” (John 15:16)

Evaluation sheets.

Sometimes they make me think. Especially when the comments of my participants after I give a seminar aren’t as encouraging as I hoped them to be.

Do I make a difference with what I am doing with my life?

When I preach, is there really lasting change in the lives of those who listen?

When I write, are my books impacting the lives of the readers?

When I counsel, do people heed my advice?

Today’s Gospel reminds me to focus not on what I do but on who I do it for. Jesus. Only Jesus.

It was He who chose me to do what I do today. His business is to anoint. My business is to obey. My focus is to love Him. His focus is to bless me.

How about you? Do you sometimes wonder if your life amounts to something? If your efforts at loving God are not in vain?

As a mother, are you raising your children well?

As a father, are the hours in the office going to secure the future of your family?

As a church worker, is the church a bit better with you around?

As a daughter, does your effort at doing well in school makeyour parents proud?

My friend, I encourage you to focus not on what you do but on who you do it for. Do it for God.

He blesses those whom He chooses!

A blessed day ahead!


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