A Teasing Smile and a Crazy Hunch

“…Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven…” (Matthew 5:12)

I will never forget his smile. Yes, it was an ordinary smile. Regular. Nothing special about it.

Except that he shouldn’t be wearing a smile in the first place. Dead people don’t. But my friend, Rogel, did.

It was February 1996. The venue was Sto. Domingo Church. The overflowing crowd came to pay respects to a good man. A man who dedicated his life to the mission of bringing young people closer to God. A man who gave up marriage to live a celibate life for God. A man who became an inspiration to so many as he fought cancer tooth and nail without giving up his faith on his loving God. It was the wake of the dynamic preacher, my friend and mentor, Rogel Plata.

And while his life may have been short, it was definitely full. Full of love. Full of faith. Full of joy. Full of God. And his smile inside the coffin (Yep! That’s true!) says it all.

Believe it or not, Rogel lay inside the coffin with a smile plastered on his face. It was, what I would describe, a teasing smile. As if he had something up his sleeves. Like he knows something that we don’t. And perhaps he really did. 

You see, for us Christians, death is a doorway to the real life. A life far better than the one we have on earth. A life beyond description. A life beyond imagination. Of mansions and treasures. Of a tearless life and an endless joy. And someone who has lived an extraordinarily good life like Rogel is definitely in for a treat when he/she gets to the other side.

Scripture says: 

“…Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven…” (Matthew 5:12)

I have a crazy hunch. That was what Rogel discovered. And perhaps that was the reason for the smile.

Entering the pearly gates of heaven, Rogel may have been treated to a red carpet welcome. Choirs of angels outline the road to the throne. Saints from the ages applaud the modern saint. And from the throne flows pure grace and love. Jesus comes rushing with outstretched arms to his friend. And in tight embrace, Jesus whispers what we all hope to hear from Him one day. Rogel smiles. That teasing smile.

My crazy hunch? He knows something we don’t.

A blessed week to you, my friend!

Living for the reward,



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