A Favor Undeserved

“…our qualifications come from God…” (1 Corinthians 3:5)

The check-in counter was closed. The plane was ready for take-off. All passengers were on board. Well…except for me.

There I was pleading with the guy by the check-in counter to allow me to board my plane. I tried all sorts of facial expressions to get his sympathy. My acting was indeed worthy of the Oscars. Yet the guy simply wouldn’t budge.

Why should he?

He had all the reasons not to let me in. I was late for my flight. Many others came before me who were likewise not allowed to board the plane. Allowing me to board would cause the flight to be slightly delayed. I am a lawyer and I knew that justice dictates that I should not be allowed access to the plane.

I knew I don’t deserve to board the plane. I needed to suffer the consequences of my tardiness. I had to be taught a lesson.  

But then I wasn’t begging for justice.

I said to the guy, “My friend, I am not begging for justice. I am pleading for mercy. A big crowd is waiting for me at my destination. I am the main and only speaker of this gathering. They expect me to speak to them today. The organizers will not only be disappointed, they might suffer a nervous breakdown (I am King Exaggeration when I am most desperate!)…” .

The guy excused himself and spoke with his superior. After a while, I found myself being escorted through the doors, through the baggage monitor section and to the plane!

As I sat through my flight, I couldn’t help but compare my little stressful experience to what I occasionally receive from God in this life —- undeserved favor!

Yes, don’t we all?

When we deserve to die, we receive life. When we deserve punishment, we receive salvation. When we deserve to suffer the consequences of our actions, we receive mercy. And when we don’t deserve access to heaven, that is precisely what we get. We are escorted to the heavenly throne, not because of our righteousness, but because of what Jesus had done for us.

Just like the check-in counter guy, the angels may have explicit instructions not let us into heaven. But Jesus, their Superior, intervened and the next thing we realized is that we are given our entry pass.

Indeed, “…our qualifications come from God…” (1 Corinthians 3:5).

Today, see how undeserved you are of the life you live. The family you have. The job you hold. The community/church you belong to. The health you enjoy. And all the little constant blessings of everyday life.

Be thankful.

All these are favors undeserved!

Still awed by God’s mercy,



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