The Hand of Privilege

“…The hand of the Lord was with them and a great number who believed turned to the Lord…” (Acts 11:21)

It was 2005.

I was the youngest lawyer working then in the confidential staff of the Ombudsman. As part of his personal staff, I was accorded a different kind of respect wherever I went. Not that I demanded it. It was just given to me by virtue of my post.

Wherever we travelled, I get the same treatment accorded to the Ombudsman himself. I get to dine with other top government officials. I get to rub elbows with the top honchos of the state.  I was, in a sense, privileged.

Until one day…Due to poor health, my boss had to resign from his post. And along with his resignation left my privileges as well. In a sense, the effect I had on those around me was only as good as my boss. Without him, I was nothing.

I learned the same thing when it comes to ministry.

As a preacher of the Word of God, I am privileged. I get to speak before different kinds and sizes of crowds. I get to be invited to address top government officials as well successful business people. In my provincial travels, different sponsoring groups hung banners across town announcing my upcoming speaking  engagements. Radio guestings. Magazine articles. Published books.

But one thing I realized is this: my privilege is only as good as my anointing.

Without God, I am nothing. No power in my writing. No impact in my speech. It is He who makes the sun shine. It is He who eclipses the darkness with His light. From the very start, it is never about me. Til the end, it will always be about him. As the scripture says:

“…The hand of the Lord was with them and a great number who believed turned to the Lord…” (Acts 11:21)

My friend, we can strive to be successful. We can work at being the best in what we do. For that promotion. For that new house. For the accomplishment of that project. We can burn the lamps working hard to achieve. But at the end of the day, without his hand of privilege upon you, there is nothing you can do.

Sure, for awhile, you may achieve substantial success in what you do. But without his anointing, you will never reach the height of success that you were made to reach. Not now. Not ever.

Because your privilege, my dear friend, is only as good as His anointing.

Learning my lessons fast,


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