The Intangibles

“…as having nothing and yet possessing all things…” (2 Corinthians 6:10)

The past three days, as I took a break from my busy preaching schedule, I began to notice some of the things that I seldom notice at home.

The bed is creaky (sometimes it’s even creepy!)

The sofa needs some new upholstery work.

The dining table stands only on one good leg.

The curtains look more like worn-out blankets.

The cabinet is missing a hinge.

And the ceiling needs some sealing.

But just as I was about to feel depressed, I also happen to realize other things.

— like how heart-warming a quiet dinner with my wife is 

— how a treat it is to teach Robelle how to crayon

— how fun it is to play catch with Mara

— how uplifting an intimate moment with God is

Yes, the words of scripture rings true today:

“…as having nothing and yet possessing all things…” (2 Corinthians 6:10)

Compare this with an experience I had with an acquaintance of mine some years back…

…I watched my friend from across the dinner table as he described to me with tear-filled eyes his typical night.

I come home to an empty apartment. I watch cable with only a beer bottle to accompany me. I have only the hissing of the airconditioner to lull me to sleep. Is this all there is to life?

It was a rhetorical question so I didn’t bother to answer. But what my mouth didn’t utter, my heart did. And so I write it here.

Real happiness cannot be found in things and wealth. Not in a fat bank account nor in a powerful post in one’s company. Rather, it is found in what I call “the intangibles” —

— a quiet dinner with your spouse

— playing catch with your child

— swapping stories with dear friends

— time alone with your bible

What are the intangibles of your life? Focus on them today. Dwell on them. Nurture them. Make time for them.

And you will realize that the bed isn’t so creaky after all.

Grateful for everything,



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