Supermarket Lessons

“…Your father knows what you need…” (Matthew 6:8)

The trip to the supermarket yesterday with my two daughters turned out to be a classic lesson on God’s ways. Let me tell you what I mean…

With Mara (2 years old) in my arms, and Robelle (4 yrs old) tugging at my pants the whole time, I was the picture of fatherhood at the brink of a nervous breakdown. It was a scene that a bride-to-be would not want to show to her future groom. It was what bachelors would gladly point to in order to justify their present state of life.

Believe me. It was crazy. 

What was supposed to be just a thrity-minute grocery activity lasted for more than an hour. Robelle kept running, and Papang kept chasing. Mara kept asking to buy just about anything colored pink, and Papang kept explaining why they shouldn’t.

In the aftermath of that soul-cleansing activity, it dawned on me: What I did for my daughters is what God does for us.

For one, God keeps chasing us.

Just like Robelle. We scamper at different directions. But unlike Robelle, we are fueled, not just by enthusiasm, but by our dreams, our hurts, our guilt, and sometimes, even our pride. And God relentlessly runs after us. To show us the way. To heal our pain. To comfort. To love. To convince us that what we run after is not what we really need. Not the wealth. Not the drugs. Not that relationship. What we need is God. And that’s who God strives to give us.  Today, scripture reminds us:

“…Your father knows what you need…” (Matthew 6:8).

Secondly, sometimes God also says no to what we ask from him.

Just like Mara, we have a tendency to ask God for what we want. But unlike Mara, we don’t just ask for grocery items. We pray for something more. For that promotion, or that car, or that child, or even that healing.  Not bad things, mind you, but also not necessarily what we need.  Can you imagine what could have happened if I indulged every single thing that Mara asked me to buy? We would have ended buying more of wants than of needs. Again, today scripture emphasizes:

“…Your father knows what you need…” (Matthew 6:8).

Dear friend, I invite you to trust in God’s wisdom today. He knows what you need, and He is ready to give it.

Learn your lessons from me. It will save you a trip to the supermarket.

Toasting God’s Fatherhood,

Bobby Q.


2 thoughts on “Supermarket Lessons

  1. Hi Bob, very heartwarming post. I can definitely relate with Mara – pulling anything pink? Way to go, Inaanak.

    They are blessed to have you. Happy Father’s Day! God bless.

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