The Platform to Proclaim

“…I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing…” (Genesis 12:2)

When Jennifer Hudson won the Oscars Best Supporting Actress for her role in the movie Dreamgirls, she accepted her award but gave away the glory to Someone else. Standing on the platform and raising her trophy in front of a huge crowd, this rising star pointed to the real star of her life. Literally pointing towards heaven, she repeatedly said as tears streamed down her cheeks: See what God can do!

This image on the TV screen stuck with me for weeks. I admired the girl. She not only shared the spotlight that night, she gave it to Him who really deserved it.

I believe, with all my heart, that God gives each one of us a platform to proclaim His goodness.  He gives us success so we can brag about Him. He gives us the glory so we can give Him the glory.

Jennifer’s platform was the Oscar’s. Gary Valenciano’s would be music. Manny Pacquiao’s would be boxing. David Robinson’s would be basketball. The Christian doctor’s would be medicine. The Christian teacher’s would be the academe. The Christian lawyer’s would be the courtroom. Mine is preaching. What is yours?

Today, I invite you to look at your successes in life. Your position in the company. Your fame. Your authority. Your wealth. The respect you enjoy from your peers. These are your platforms. Waiting for you to use them for God’s purposes.

In scriptures, it says:

“…I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing…” (Genesis 12:2)

God gives you a platform not for you to use it to call attention to yourself per se. But you use it to call attention to yourself as you DIRECT their attention to God.

Now, not all of us have the size of Jennifer’s platform (e.g. Oscars, international telecast, media coverage etc.). But all of us, just the same, can use our platform to proclaim.

If you’re a teacher, exemplify excellence.

If you’re a government employee, exemplify honesty.

If you’re a mother, exemplify dedication.

If you’re a husband, exemplify faithfulness.

Each one of us has a platform. My prayer, is that we are able to identify it, and use the same to proclaim.

All for God’s glory,

Bobby Q.


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