The “Yes” Man

“…Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs…” (Matthew 7:6)

Invitations to speak. They come in many forms. 

A snail mail beautifully wrapped inside an art paper with words embossed on the front flap: Can you be our guest speaker?

An electronic mail requesting for a motivational seminar in exchange for a hefty professional fee…

A text message asking my availability to address a national convention…

Being a “yes” man, I would have immediately jumped at every opportunity to use my God-given gift to preach. There were souls to save and lives to mend. What better way to serve God than grab all these opportunities to preach, right?

Not necessarily.

It may not have the elegance of a formal invitation to speak in a conference. Or the promise of a lucrative fee from giving a motivational seminar. But they outweigh all of them. I am talking about four pieces of 1/4 cartolina paper pasted on our living room wall. On them were the words: We love you Papang!

This piece of art was made by my wife and two daughters for Father’s Day. And they serve not only to warm my heart but also to remind my soul: That I don’t want to save the world and then lose my family in the process. My family is my flock, my first priority. I will give to them my pearl, the thing that is sacred to me and to God: my time.

No wonder scriptures today says:

“…Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs…” (Matthew 7:6)

Many people say that they want to multiply their time. I have news for them: They can’t. Unless they are Goodah (Open 25 Hours a day), they will only have 24 hours a day. While they can’t multiply their time, they can definitely manage it. Say “yes” to some engagements and say “no” to some. Bottomline: Not sacrifice your time for the people who matter most. 

An evangelistic crowd is definitely far from a herd of swines. But come to think of it, it can be likened to one if compared to the utmost importance of my God-given primary responsibility to bring my family to heaven.

Look around you today.

How are you managing your pearl (time)? Who is benefitting most from it? Your boss or your wife (unless they are one and the same)? Your service or your home? Your crowd or your children?  

I pray for all readers of this blog, including you. May you never throw your pearls to the swines. Say “yes” first to those who, from God’s perspective, truly matter in your life.

Still learning to prioritize,



One thought on “The “Yes” Man

  1. When we realize the value of one thing to another, then we know what to prioritize and what to consider first. Thanks Bob for another deposit of inspiring entry.

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