Pay It Forward

“…Freely you have received, freely give….” (Matthew 10:8)

He didn’t have the eloquence of a Bishop Chito Tagle or the elegance of a Pastor Joel Osteen. He didn’t have the wisdom of Pastor Rick Warren or the wit of Bro. Bo Sanchez. But he did have one thing that was equally if not more powerful: a grateful heart. That was perhaps the reason why he was able to convince me to even consider God in my life.

I am talking about Gabby, my dear friend. The one who freely gave from a grateful heart.

I was then a young man in the university. I was then living a lost, loosed and lewed lifestyle. I was into heavy drinking, violence, and sexual promiscuity. I was, in short, on the brink of throwing my life away. It was then when Gabby came.

Gabby practically wore his heart on his sleeves. He spoke of how much Jesus has loved him. Of how blessed he was of his life in Christ. Of how much his life has changed when he accepted Christ into is life. Today, I look back and I couldn’t help but thank him. For without his testimony of life and words, I would not be blessed the way I am today.

And that is why I do what I do today. I preach. I evangelize. I bring people back to the faith. Because some time ago, somebody chose to make time for me. To love me. Accept me. Bless me.

Today, I am simply paying it forward.

As the Gospel says:

“…Freely you have received, freely give….” (Matthew 10:8)

This bible verse also happens to be the theme of the 25th Year Anniversary National Leaders Training  Conference of Lingkod ng Panginoon, the singles group of Ligaya ng Panginoon, my community.  The service Lingkod does for young people all these years is simply a response to God’s faithfulness the past 25 years. We are simply paying it forward.

To end, let me encourage you, my friend, to consider the blessed life you have. And let the realization that much of it is undeserved push you to respond in gratitude.

Pay it forward. And the let the world be blessed by your grateful heart!

Overwhelmed in gratitude,


P.S. If you are being blessed by this blog, can I ask you to pay it forward by sending it forward? To your friends. Relatives. Community or church mates. Who knows, with one posting at a time, together, we may be able to really set hearts on fire!


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