One Track Mind

“…And Isael said to Joseph, ‘At last I can die, now that I have seen for myself that Joseph is still alive…” (Genesis 46:30)


That was how I would describe me and my wife five years ago. Before you jump to any conclusions, kindly read on.

We couldn’t stop thinking about her. We prayed for her in the mornings, and dreamt of her at night. We shopped and saved up for her.  We prayed and paid for her needs. We talked to her and talked about her. In other words, we were consumed by her. And “her” here had a name: Rosabella – our first born.

Robelle’s coming was a monumental event in our family then, big enough to rival a Beyonce Knowles concert or even a national elections. You see, she was our eldest child, and the first grandchild on my side of the family. No wonder her arrival was preceded by great expectations. In a sense, for nine months, we had only one thing foremost in our minds: to see our dear Rosabella.

Here is a phrase that aptly describes our mental state then: one track mind.

Jacob was no different.

For many years, Jacob mourned the alleged death of his youngest and most favorite son, Joseph. His eyes would glisten everytime he’d see Joseph’s photo by the cupboard. He’d choke in tears whenever he’d see Joseph’s toys perched undisturbed on the shelf. He’d fall into bouts of depression whenever he’d visit sites where he and Joseph used to hang out. And for years, all that Jacob could think of was Joseph.

So can you just imagine Jacob’s reaction when his sons came home to him one day carrying with them the news of a lifetime that Joseph was alive and was now a big man in Egypt? Jacob may have broken down. Down on his knees. Praising heaven yet groping for words. What he dreamt of, he could now hold again. That was probably why he said what he said in today’s reading:

“…And Isael (Jacob) said to Joseph, ‘At last I can die, now that I have seen for myself that Joseph is still alive…” (Genesis 46:30)

One track mind. God’s mind is no different.

Tell me if I’m wrong.

God only had one reason why created. Why he gave free will. Why he sent prophets. Why he became human. Why he bore the torture and held on til the crucifixion. Why he blessed you with that life. With that job. With that spouse. With that child. With that community or church. With that particular challenge in life.

God always had one thing in mind: You.

Your salvation. Your character. Your well-being.

Yes, God is obsessed. One track mind.  All His power, His wisdom and His love are channeled towards one over-arching and over-riding goal: To see you in heaven one day.

When you open God’s mind, don’t be surprise at who you’ll see.

You will meet you.

Overwhelmed by God’s love,



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