Ain’t Over Yet

“…’if the Lord is with us, why has all this happened to us?’…” (Judges 6:13)

When I tell my eldest daughter a bedtime story, she has a tendency to finish the story for me.

“No, Papang,” she’d interrupt “I don’t think the dragon should be bad. He can’t be bad. In fact, I think the dragon became friends with our hero in the end.”

I think Gideon did the same thing with God in today’s first reading. He tried to finish God’s story before it was even over. Take a look at Gideon’s reply when the angel told him that God was with him:

“…’if the Lord is with us, why has all this happened to us?’…” (Judges 6:)

Gideon wanted to know why their story turned out the way it did if God had been with them. But here lies the problem: the story isn’t over yet. God has not finished writing yet. It was still in progress. It has yet to reach its climax. That was why the Angel commanded him to obey instead of responding to Gideon’s query.

Sometimes, we think the way Gideon did. When bad things happen to us, we question God’s power. Subtly, we doubt God’s faithfulness. Secretly, we suspect God’s presence. But sometimes, we ask too soon. God has yet to finish writing this particular chapter of our lives. You see, God may allow us to lose some battles along the way, but you can bet your life on this: God is determined to win this war for us.

What is your war right now?

Against financial troubles?

Against a marriage on the rocks?

Against loneliness?

Against resentment?

Against meaninglessness?

Against parkinsons?

If you’ve hit a snag or you feel you’ve lost a battle, take heart. Don’t question God’s presence. For as long as you stand by the Lord, your story won’t be finished with you lying face flat on the ground. God’s ending is always in your favor. With God, you always win.

The next time you are tempted to complain the way Gideon did, think for awhile. Maybe God hasn’t finished writing His story with you yet. And your victory is just waiting for you around the corner. 

Enjoying my story every step of the way,



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