A Year of Favor

“…the year of the Lord’s favor…” (Luke 4:19)

If there is a word to describe the past year of my wife Jeng, it would be this: tough. Hurdling one challenge after another, Jeng emerged from the chaotic mess more beautiful than ever. Let me recount those days…

Jeng valiantly endured the financial crisis we experienced after I resigned from my full time legal job to become a missionary.

She was a sturdy pillar for the family when our daughters got sick of dengue fever one after the other.

She courageously underwent a gall bladder surgery and a full month of painful recovery.

She boldly carried me throughout the entire month long ordeal of my father’s hospitalization due to a cardiac arrest.

She patiently suffered a month-long bedrest due to a near miscarriage early in her pregnancy of our third child.

Through it all, Jeng shone brilliantly for Jesus. Prayerful. Positive. Patient. Persevering. Today, on Jeng’s birthday, I thank God for such a lovely gift in the person of my wife. And I pray that the coming year for her will not be as difficult as her previous year. Instead, may the next year truly be blessed. May the words of scripture today be hers to claim: “…the year of the Lord’s favor…” (Luke 4:19)

Jeng, if I get to own a square meter lot for every thanksgiving prayer I utter because of you, I would now be owning a continent.

A blessed birthday, my Love! You deserve to enjoy this day!

Much love and appreciation,



3 thoughts on “A Year of Favor

  1. Hi bro just passing through, reading it makes me feel that the burdens I’m carrying right now seems to be very light. You have relate it several times in SOLV gatherings. Thanks bro for this E-reminder.


    We lost our second appeal and another appeal was made in another court. It will never end, DPWH should issue an order maintaining the status quo for Civil and Archi

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