The “Yes” that Made All the Difference

“…She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins… (Matthew 1:21)

Many people question why Catholics honor Mary. Why make the big fuss about her? Any jewish girl could have been the mother of the messiah. It just so happens that God chose her from among the ladies at that time. There was really nothing she did to merit such adulation and adoration from millions of Catholics all over the world. Hence, we should not really honor her that much, right?


Let me share with you my opinion by using an analogy.

Imagine this…

You are waiting for a taxi cab in the middle of the storm. “No cab driver would take me in with this kind of weather.”, you thought to yourself. And true enough, not a single driver cared to even stop for you. Minutes passed. You are hungry and tired. Not to mention the the fact that you are soaking wet. The minutes turned to hours. You are desperate. You gaze at your watch. It’s getting really late. Just as you were about to give up, a cab pulls up in front of you. The driver of the cab motions for you to get in, “Hop in,” he says “I will take you home.”

Now, do you think you would be grateful to that one cab driver? After he brings you home, would you have the guts to say to him “Well, thanks but no thanks. Other cab drivers could have brought me home, anyway. You just happen to be the one who answered my call.” Of course not. Instead, you would be grateful. And you will find ways to show your gratitude, right? 

You might give him a big tip. Or even perhaps offer him dinner. Or for the more generous among us, give him our calling card just in case he might need our future services.

True, other cab drivers could have said “yes”. But it doesn’t change the fact that this one cab driver did. Moreover, the fact that others could have given you a ride doesn’t lessen the impact of what this one cab driver did.

Same thing with Mary.

Other ladies her age could have said “yes” to angel Gabriel during those days. And others may have been ready and willing to become the mother of the messiah. But such possibility does not change the fact that Mary was the one who said “yes”. It does not, in any way, lessen the impact of what she did.

Just like that cab driver in my analogy who gave you the vehicle home, Mary also gave us our vehicle home to heaven. The cab driver gave you a ride. Mary gave us a savior.  

Whether we admit or not, Mary’s “yes” paved the way for our salvation. It made all the difference for all of us!

Thank you for your “yes”, dear Mother.

Thank you, for pulling us out from the cold and giving us a free ride home!

I remain grateful,



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