All Things Come to an End

“Nations will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, plagues and famines in various places — and in the sky fearful omens and great signs” (Luke 21:11)

            “All things come to an end.”

            That’s what they say about success. Or weekend vacations. Or even crazy love affairs. And for most of us, we try to hold on to these things for as long as we can.

            The same thing when it comes to our very lives.

            We jog. We diet. We go to fitness centers. We have our regular medical check up. We buy the most expensive vitamins. We do everything we can to remain healthy and to live longer. But we all know the inevitable. All of us have a number. And someday, that number will be called whether we like it or not. We will have our last word…our last glance…our last sigh…our last heartbeat. Yes, all things come to an end…

            …Including you and me.

            In today’s Gospel, Jesus reminds us of the inevitability of endings. He says that someday this world that we know will come to an end. The sun will set for the last time. The wind will have its final blow. The rain will have its concluding downpour. No more paychecks. No more deadlines. No more cancer. No more heartaches. End. Finish. Done.

            “Nations will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, plagues and famines in various places — and in the sky fearful omens and great signs” (Luke 21:11)

            Where would we be on that day? How will our lives be like when those things happen?

            How about our relationships? Would they be in good order? Would we have forgiven those who hurt us?

            Our money — would they have been used to bless others or would they perish together with the bank vault that holds them?

            How about our hearts? Are our hearts expectantly longing for heaven or desperately clinging on to the world? Are they attached to our eternal mansions or held back by our earthly shacks? Would they be thirsting for never-ending joy or are they settling for time-bound fun?

            And finally, how about our souls? For many, their souls will reflect the kind of lives they led. All bitterness for hurts suffered is plastered on their soul. All hidden sins will cling closely to it. Every deception done and lie told will be reflected on that soul. These people will cringe in shame as their deeds are exposed. They try to hide but they have nowhere to run. Their soul, their sin, their misdeeds — all theirs to keep and for the world to see.

            But not for others.

            There are those who will stand immaculate on that day. Not because of their merits, mind you. They too were sinners. They too were liars and cheats. They too slandered and gossiped. But at some point in their lives, they realized and acknowledged their wretched state. And their guilt led them to turn to Him who is guiltless. They turned to Him for comfort, for forgiveness and for salvation. And in gratitude for the mercy received, they tried their best to live lives fit for heaven.

            On that final day, there shall be a great demarcation line. After the earthquakes and calamities, there shall be an assembly of souls. On one side will stand those who cling on to their earthly rewards. On the other side shall stand those who made heaven their ultimate prize.

            Yes, all things come to an end. But for those who make Jesus their King in this lifetime, that day will only be the beginning of their forever.

For my King, forever,



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