Slick and the Christmas Message


Imagine you have a pet earthworm named “SLICK”.

          One day, thinking that he has become so dirty, you turned on the garden faucet and tried convincing him to move towards the flowing water and get a well-deserved and long-overdue bath. Not comprehending a single word you were saying, SLICK completely ignored you.

           Just then, you hear a booming voice from heaven, “Do you really love SLICK?” “Yes, Lord, I do.”, you replied.

         “Do you really want to make him clean?”, God asked.

            “Yes, Lord, I do.”

            “Are you willing to do anything to make him clean?”

            “Of course, Lord.”

            God then sighed, “SLICK will not be able to understand a single word you say. If you want him to understand you, you will have to become a worm yourself and speak earthworm language — the language he understands. Are you willing to do that?”

            You nodded your head with conviction. You love SLICK enough to join him in the dirt. 

            C.S. Lewis, the great Christian writer, once remarked that for man to become a worm is like God becoming man.

            That’s what He did on the first Christmas 2,000 years ago. He not only became sin for us, but he cleansed us of ours. He not only gave us life-giving water, but also washed us with His most precious blood. He became one like us, not only to tell but also to demonstrate His love for us. He was willing to do all these if only to make us understand the extent of His love.

            Just like SLICK, humankind was dirty. We needed to be cleansed of our sins.

            Just like SLICK, we were stubborn. God sent us prophets in the Old Testament to call us to repentance, but we refused to heed their call.

            Just like SLICK, we were slow to comprehend. We could not understand the height, depth and width of God’s love for us.

            No wonder God did what He did. He loved us enough to join us in our mess.

            And guess what?

            He continues to do the same thing today.

            God joins you in the midst of your pain and of your joy. He cries with you in your disappointment and celebrates with you in your triumph. He held you when you fell and upheld you when you flew. There he was with you in that funeral, and there with you inside that nursery. He isn’t an insulated king in heaven, but an intimate friend on earth.

            Yes, dear fiend. He was, is and will always be Emmanuel — God with us!

             A blessed and joyous Christmas to all!

 Bobby Q.


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