Alone with God

“…Jesus took him apart from the crowd…” (Mark 7:33)

My second daughter 3 year old Mara has been extra demanding lately. Not that I am complaining. Not at all. I just find it thought-provoking.

When I am on the computer working on a talk, she’d snuggle beside me and ask that we play some computer games. When I am doing scripture study, she’d embrace me from behind and ask that I read her a story. When I am practicing for a speaking engagement, she’d continuously tug at my trousers and plead that we watch Dora the Explorer on video.

Many things may explain this…

She has a new baby brother born only a few weeks ago and our attention has been mostly on him…

She is adjusting to her first few days in school and away from us for a number of hours in a day…

I have been so busy lately preparing for her kid brother’s baptism that I hardly spend time with her…

While all these explanations may be valid, I want to believe that the real reason behind all these is something more basic, more common, more natural — It is every child’s need to feel special in the eyes of his or her parent.

It is Mara’s desire to feel that even if Papang already has three children now, she is still his one and only “buddy”.

That she is still unique.

That she is still worth making time for.

That she is not relegated to second fiddle just because there is a new baby in the house.

Now wonder Jesus did what He did in Decapolis in today’s gospel.

Jesus could have just raised his hand and pronounced healing to all. Jesus could have just whispered a prayer from afar and the man would’ve been healed. Jesus could have just directed one of his apostles to lay hands on the man and the result would have been the same.

Really. Jesus didn’t have to do what he did. But he did.

“…Jesus took him apart from the crowd…” (Mark 7:33)

Why? I have a theory. To let the man know that even though Jesus had a crowd to attend to, the man still deserved his special attention. That the man wasn’t a generic face in that crowd. That He was special. That Jesus knew his unique circumstances. That Jesus was aware of his distinct fears and anxieties. That Jesus wasn’t just a preacher before him but a healer beside him.

You know what, God has the same message for you.

He may have a million stars to manage and thousand species to attend to. But you are unique. You are special. He knows your pain. Your worry. Your anger. Your resentment. Your dreams.

And you are worth His time. As you read this blog, know that Jesus is “taking you apart from the crowd”. To listen to your prayers. To hear your petitions. To be with you. To embrace you. To comfort you. To assure you that He sees you in the crowd. That He will carry you through.

Turn to Him now. This is a special time…your time alone with God.



3 thoughts on “Alone with God

  1. i am blessed by this reflection po. i am preparing for my talk about Gods Love and this would really help me…. the leader of the mission team from davao said that the first talk should make the participants go on to the next talk…..

    a great challenge for me indeed…i am asking for prayers din po…..

    thank you for the inspiration….. 🙂 i have attended the NLTC at antipolo last 2009 and i brought with me the values you have shared. 🙂


    llerose of Lingkod ng Panginoon

    • Glad to know this reflection helped you in your talk preparations, Llerose. May God use you mightily as you share His word to others. God bless!

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