The Power of a Willing and an Available Heart

“…And he asked them, ‘How many loaves have you?’…” (Mark 8:5)

I woke up this morning a bit tired but inspired. You see, last night I spoke before a small prayer meeting of around 25 people. They call themselves a mission team, a group of men and women from my community Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon who decided to respond to God’s call of bringing His love to other people by conducting weekly open prayer meetings.

There were just a few of us in that room but it seemed that the room was jampacked. What filled the room wasn’t the number of the people but the size of the hearts of those who attended.

During the time of prayer, I couldn’t help but be proud of my brothers and sisters. They were simple folks with jobs to keep and bills to pay. But they were extraordinary. Extraordinarily in love with God. Extraordinarily on fire for His mission. Extraordinarily passionate for lost people.

And last night, as I lifted my hands in prayer and my voice in songs, I whispered a simple prayer in my heart: Lord, multiply them!

For just like in today’s gospel, Jesus can perform miracles through hearts that are willing and available for Him. Just like the loaves and the fish, our hearts are received by the Master who then blesses them, (sometimes) breaks them, and then gives them away. 

Sometimes, we look at ourselves — our abilities, our resources, our strengths, our time — and feel that we don’t have what it takes to bless the world. In our heart of hearts, we want to do much good with our lives, but somehow we see our circumstances vis a vis the challenges of life and we simply feel inadequate.

My friend, Jesus asks you the same question he asked his apostles in today’s gospel:

“…And he asked them, ‘How many loaves have you?’…” (Mark 8:5)

As if saying: Show me what you’ve got, give them to me and see what great things I can do with the little that you have.

I left that prayer meeting last night thankful. It’s always good to be reminded that what is important before God is not so much our numbers, but the size of our hearts. It isn’t so much our ability but our availability.

It is true when it comes to doing mission work. It is true when it comes to living our daily lives!

Stay blessed!



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